The Importance of a Chimney Inspection

An Annual Chimney Inspection Should Be Part of Home Maintenance in Toronto

Flat FlashingMost homeowners will pay close attention to furnace maintenance, including the cleaning or replacement of all filters on a regular basis plus an annual inspection/cleaning of the furnace itself; in fact, many heating and cooling service providers offer protection plans that include an annual furnace cleaning, and they often prompt homeowners to schedule their yearly maintenance visits.

Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said about maintenance practices relating to a fireplace, specifically that of a chimney inspection and cleaning.  While time/effort can be spent speculating on why this might be the case, suffice to say that chimney inspections should rank high in importance with Toronto and area homeowners for several important reasons, including:

  • Optimizing performance
  • Ensuring health and safety
  • Protecting structural integrity
  • Avoiding expensive repair costs

The role of the chimney is to essentially collect/capture smoke and hot gases and carry them up and away through the opening at its top, above the roofline.  During the normal operation of a fireplace, creosote, an oily by-product of burning wood, can adhere to the inside of the chimney and impede the proper flow of the smoke and gases; additionally, the creosote itself is a combustible material.

Consequently, failure to inspect the chimney on a regular basis can lead to a number of untoward issues, ranging in degree from inconvenience to life-threatening.  Such neglect can/will result in circumstances such as, but not limited to:

  • Formation of a fire hazard
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Exposure to toxic fumes/gases
  • Other potential respiratory issues
  • Emanation of an unpleasant odour
  • Decline in overall heating efficiency
  • Irreparable damage to chimney liner
  • Total or partial collapse of the chimney

Furthermore, even if the fireplace is not used, the chimney can be subjected to weather-related and age-related damage that can negatively affect its integrity, leading to water leaks, structural impairment, and/or animal nesting that can all take a toll on the home and on the homeowner’s pocketbook.

Therefore, a chimney inspection is recommended on an annual basis, regardless of how often or how infrequently the fireplace is used; any ensuing chimney repair or cleaning activities would be dependent on the results of that inspection.

A chimney inspection would also be warranted/recommended in these specific instances:

  • Upon purchasing an existing home
  • After the addition of a fireplace insert
  • If fireplace performance issues are detected

As indicated previously, a chimney inspection should receive the same level of priority as a furnace inspection within the umbrella of home and property maintenance.  Should the outcome of a chimney inspection identify the need for a repair service, homeowners can rely on the skills and experience of the masonry specialists from Avenue Road Roofing to rectify the situation quickly and efficiently.

Masonry Repair Services to Help Restore the Structural Integrity of Your Home

Chimney FlashingWhether due to age, water penetration, or the weather extremes of Toronto, the exterior masonry of a home/property can be subjected to varying degrees of structural damage.  Under any of these circumstances, the homeowners will require expert masonry repair services to rebuild or restore the integrity of their building envelope.

The masonry experts from Avenue Road Roofing offer the capabilities to address/resolve all such repair needs, swiftly and professionally, and all through a single-source provider. Based on the insight and experience gained from thousands of masonry repair projects, the Avenue Road Roofing masonry specialists can provide such services as:

  • Chimney repairs or rebuilds
  • Foundation repair/waterproofing
  • Repairing brick or stone window sills
  • Restoration of parapet or retaining walls
  • Renovating poured porches, stairs, walkways
  • Tuck-pointing and brick and mortar replacement

Avenue Road Roofing further respects the importance of maintaining aesthetics, or curb appeal, when performing any chimney or masonry repair work, and as such, will attempt to match existing brick and mortar materials/colours when possible.

See our Masonry Work Page for more information on the scope of masonry repair services, including chimney repair, provided by the team from Avenue Road Roofing.

Avoid the potential health and safety risks and structural repair costs associated with a compromised chimney.  Call the chimney and masonry repair specialists at Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to schedule a service visit at your earliest convenience.