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Rosedale ranks among the oldest and most prestigious neighbourhoods in the Toronto area, and indeed Canada. It has been home and remains home to several prominent Canadians involved in commerce, industry, politics, and the Arts.

Among the many winding tree lined streets in the area, are examples of every type of traditional architecture including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and Tudor styles of homes. Some original homes in the area are known to be at least two hundred years old, with many of the mansions being built after the 1890’s; that are now in excess of 100 years old.

These homes demonstrate some of the finest examples of craftmanship from a period when construction was laborious without the benefit of power tools. To observe the details present within, and on the exterior of these homes would boggle the mind in terms of what it would cost today to replicate many of the artisan details.

Rosedale also represents one of the original neighbourhoods that AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®& MASONRY have worked in since 1974. Our original company founder grew up in Rosedale, and ironically our current President and company owner resides in Moore Park today.

Original sloping roofs in Rosedale were covered in slate as a majority, with some original farm houses constructed with cedar shingles. Both cedar and slate are prominent features observed on detail areas such as turrets, gable end walls, dormers, in addition to covering the roofs. Soldered metal flat roof decks, and tar and gravel flat roofs were a common item found on all such homes. Many current- day Rosedale and Moore Park home owners have elected to install composite products and or Luxury grade Fiberglass shingles as a cost effective way to handle sloping roof replacement needs. There are residents who still prefer to maintain the classic heritage details of their properties wherever possible, and when affordable. Such an approach maintains history and value for these unique Toronto heritage properties.

AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® is among a few heritage roofing, and exterior restorers in the GTA with the expertise and experience to complete work on these homes. We are proud to have completed work on every street in the area over fifty years. We are also proud of the many lasting relationships we have developed over those five decades.

Our company is centrally located, closeby with a 16,000 sq. ft. production facility including our custom  metal fabrication shop, and dedicated customer service department. We have ten estimators, with three focusing their daily efforts on serving the Rosedale, Moore Park, Bayview and Mount Pleasant area homes , churches and businesses. Our iconic blue and white trucks are a daily site,which can be spotted in these areas.

Rosedale / Moore Park Shingle & Sloped Roof Replacements

For fifty years and counting we have strived to deliver a value proposition for our residential, commercial and institutional clients; involving quality, reliability, courtesy, competence, and choice. Our warranties  are known to be reliable and transferrable upon property resale.

One of the most important facts for which we are proud of; is that we are highly referenced in these neighbourhoods. Rosedale residents can choose anyone they want to work on their property, so it is an honour to be well regarded and to hear our new clients tell us that they were prompted to call us by the neighbour up the street. In this tight community, reputation is hard-earned, not assumed.

We are grateful to all of our current, past, and repeat clients that have supported us for five decades. It is an honour we do not take lightly.

Slate, composite slate, asphalt fiberglass shingles, and cedar shingles and shakes, rank among the top requested steep slope replacement services that we offer. Copper work is an associated item which often accompanies these roof replacement services, including standing seam and soldered bay windows and decks, eyebrow and barrel dormer roofs, and eaves troughing to name a few.

While historically we have focused on re-roofing/roof replacement services, we are open to, and have worked with contractors who have supplied addition and renovation products to our clients in Rosedale/Moore Park .

Property protection is an imperative when working on anyone’s home or business. We are careful and respectful when conducting our work. Our dedicated safety/human resources conducts on-going training and we obtain background checks for anyone new who are interested joining our team for the protection and peace of mind of our clients.

Flat roofs, carpentry, aluminum work, siding, and other services are also available to supply one stop,one source responsibility options for our customers.

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Rosedale / Moore Park Shingle, sloped, Flat Roof Repair Services

There are many instances where a full roof replacement is not necessary. If you do not need a major service, or there is a viable repair option; we will let you know. By providing a choice where possible, the property owner can work within their budget. We take a long term view with our clients. If a small service can provide a lasting result; we know the client will come back to us when they actually do need a new roof.

There are various types of roof related repairs that are possible for slate, cedar, asphalt shingles, flat roofs, masonry, and gutter systems.

Strategic repairs involve completing a defined scope of work where the problem is obvious or reasonably identifiable. Technicians or roof mechanics are dispatched to complete a work order communicated strategy to stop the leak source. (An example would be replacing a damaged valley on a sloping roof, or a leak at a wall on a flat roof).

Long term and restorative repairs are an investment where bye a specific roof area is completely replaced. Homes that have multiple roof plains or isolated roof sections and types, can terminally handle leak issues in a specific zone and carry on with other roof sections when they are actually needed. The advantage is that the effort is subject to a warranty, and one may carry on with adjacent areas in the near future when time or finances may permit. (Example; replacing a flat roof on top of a dormer area located on a rear main house slope).

Maintenance repairs are designed to extend the useable lifecycle of the roof. Original slate roofs as an example, may have been installed with non-galvanized nails when originally completed. As a result; such nails will rust and cause slates to slip and fall off as a hazard/liability. By replacing a prescribed number of slates in the area, the roof may continue to function for years to come. On an annual basis, the home or institutional owner may proceed in a systematic way, with continued replacement of vulnerable slates.

If sourcing the cause of a leak may become difficult due to exhibiting multiple failure points, in a particular or isolated area; sometimes destructive or non-destructive testing methods are required to eliminate all obvious causes and to pin-point the issue source. This will sometimes involve a time and materials approach. Once a problem source is confidently identified, a permanent scope of work can be quoted. We may opt to provide certain credit back if the client proceeds with a needed larger project.

To note is that all roofs (much like a car); need inspection and periodic maintenance. The investment can add years of usable lifecycle to a well installed original roof. If the roof is poorly installed initially, or a low budget fix has been metered ; that roof may be not good candidate for pouring in added resources for repairs. We will always supply an honest appraisal of the situation to permit a sensible decision by the client.

Flat Roof Repairs are a specialty that requires knowledge and experience to execute accurately and well. There are common failure points with all flat roofing assemblies, regardless of the type of water-proofing system.

Flat roofs are considered to be water-proofing assemblies. Sloped Roofs have water-shedding assemblies. Many common failure points on flat roofs include perimeter edge details, pipes and protrusion points, roof drains both internal and external, and roof appliances such as skylights, roof-mounted HVAC equipment, and tie-in or termination points such as internal walls and roof slopes.

Another common trouble source on flat roofs relates to entry doors which exit onto flat roofs. These can include French/garden type doors , sliding patio doors,” doghouse entry huts”. And roof hatches. It is key to have the waterproofing membrane from a flat roof, extend under the sill of the door itself. (This we find commonly deficient or omitted on newer build homes we have been called upon to investigate).

Having proper water proofing materials to surround the rough opening of any entry door, and to have a sound entry door or window system itself installed are key to a long lasting trouble free experience.

To learn more about flat roof or other associated repair solutions that are available; contact AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®, your proven Rosedale/MoorePark exterior contractor for over fifty years.

Rosedale / Moore Park Flat Roof Replacement

Flat roof replacements are a commonly requested service for AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®.

Our preferred method of installing flat roofs involves a flameless application process for homes in this area which have century plus timber and board substrates beneath the roof’s surface. The systems include a two ply modified bitumen assembly. The base ply is fully adhered  to a protection board insulation, which covers a minimum one inch depth polyisocyanurate insulation. Beneath the thermal insulation layer is a vapour retarder applied to the wooden substrate beneath. The final, top ply of the assembly is a granular-surfaced cap sheet which is fully bonded to the base waterproofing ply below. A cold applied adhesive bonds the roofing plies.

This highly reliable method provides for a system with high tensile strength, low odour, and virtually prevents any fire risk during installation. In keeping with proper procedure, the old flat roofing layers are removed to reveal the condition of the wood decking beneath. The decking is repaired if it exhibits rot or structural compromise. The process also involves protecting the grounds below, and the associated neighbour’s areas as the case may be.

All removed materials are lawfully disposed of, and or recycled at an approved facility.

The thermal insulation used in the replacement flat roofing assembly (polyisocyanurate) is available in various thicknesses designed to increase the thermal resistance (R-value) and increase energy efficiency.

The minimum of one inch used standardly helps to account for the multiple layers of old roofing that were removed, and that formerly acted as a form of thermal blanket . The practice is designed to help reduce the incident of thermal bridging which occurs when warm interior air migrates to meet colder exterior air particularly during winter months.

Once a new water-proofing assembly  has been installed, new metal flashings may be measured at site, and custom fabricated in our shop, for final installation by our sheet metal mechanics or coppersmiths as the case may be back on the jobsite.

Special details involving flat roofing application can include roof drains, doors, adjoining roof slopes and their respective tie-in requirements, and other details.

The final processes involve an impeccable site cleanup, caulking of flashing details with hi-grade sealant, and the inspection and approval of our site inspector.

To note is that AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® are authorized installers for all flat roofing types and use all proven brands such as Bakor, IKO , Soprema™, and Firestone™.

We also provide alternative flat roofing systems which are available for commercial, industrial, and institutional clients.

To find out more about Rosedale and Moore Park flat roofing replacements and other building envelope services; contact AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®. Your proven choice for fifty years.

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Moore Park / Rosedale Eavestroughs, Siding, Soffits, and Fascias

Gutters, also commonly referred to in Canada as Eavestroughs, are an important system component used to direct water away from the foundations of homes and low- rise buildings. It is part of an overall sloped roof assembly, or flat roof assembly which has an open drainage edge, or exterior roof drains referred to as “scupper drains”. Scuppers have down pipes which carry residual water off the roof, and away from the foundation using leader pipes that should divert water at least five feet away from the base of the building. Where such drainage may not be permitted, the alternative becomes directing water into below ground drainage systems.

The source of many winter leak and ice back up complaints can be traced to gutters which are full of debris, now frozen, and downpipes which are clogged. The moral of the story being to hire an insured vendor to keep such systems clean. It is wise to inspect gutters and downpipes in the spring and the fall.

Inspecting gutters involves observance of inside and outside located corner joints, outlets where downpipes are attached, and end caps at either end of a dedicated run of guttering. You are looking for drips or water stains. It is best to inspect after a rainfall if possible. You can replicate the scenario with a garden hose additionally.

Do not attempt to complete such work at heights if you are afraid of heights or lack the training on proper ladder use. Call a professional that can demonstrate WSIB coverage and liability insurance coverage to protect the property owner, from liability (as a constructor) in the sights of the law.

If you observe water pouring over the front of eavestrough it signals either the gutter itself or nearby pipe outlet is clogged, or that the trough needs to be re-cambered. ARR  provides gutter repair services.

Original Rosedale and Moore Park homes had either galvanized Ogee style gutters with corrugated circular downpipes, or some had copper or leaded copper rain water systems (usually also having slate roofs).

During the 1970’s aluminum “K” style gutters became the popular choice due to lower cost,and that they did not require painting, and that they did not rust.

During the nineties and early two thousands, we saw a trend where many homeowners throughout the city were  requesting original quality finish details. Perhaps the trend coincided with rising home values generally at those times.

The demand for copper gutters has steadily increased again. We are able to offer 5” and 6” profiles as well as half round profiles that use external brackets. It is important when purchasing copper or leaded copper to have soldered joints at corners and joins. Beware of low-quote offerings that use sealant to waterproof joints. Such systems will leak and be less reliable.

To note is that older oxidized copper is tough to repair as new solder will not bond well to this precious metal.

Copper gutters that are well done will reliably last for fifty years, and leaded copper can last for around one hundred years. Copper mates beautifully with slate, composite slate, cedar shingles and shakes.

Some people love the new shiny penny appearance, and many prefer the timeless appearance of variegation that naturally occurs with time.

For those seeking low maintenance and a reasonable cost, aluminum eavestroughs, are another viable option. Seek heavier gauge materials with this product type.

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Rosedale / Moore Park Carpentry

Many Rosedale homes have original tongue & groove soffit details on porches and overhangs surrounding the house. We have worked with Fairbanks lumber (an iconic Toronto lumber supplier); to source out many of the original trim profiles, and in some instances we have had to custom make corbels and other trim details to help restore these classic home details.

We also receive requests for porch and column rebuilds and rehabilitation. This is all borne out of our original carpentry mandate which was to simply repair roof related structural damage and wood rot.

We were also well known for constructing wooden and composite decks on flat roofs that we replaced, which propagated requests for ground decks and fence repairs.

Popular today are she sheds/ he sheds/play sheds and garden sheds that extend living space at a relatively reasonable cost.

Contact the carpentry team at AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® for inspiration and pricing to add fun space to your home or to put your home back in order.

Moore Park / Rosedale Skylights

Another popular service request we get involves the replacement or retrofit of skylights. While it is often most cost effective to replace a skylight during a roofing replacement project; sometimes problems with skylights show up during the winter months as an example. To note is that we work year round weather permitting.

Installing a skylight serves to make interior spaces appear larger, and certainly brighter. We carry all of the top brands including Velux.™ Ask your representative how we can make the future look brighter for you too.

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Moore Park / Rosedale Cedar Shingles & Shakes

The Canadian Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CCSB) is an organization based in British Columbia that is responsible for the standards for which the mills grade cedar products, and they provide standards and certification for installation  and installers of such products. The written standards they provide govern how such work specific to each shingle or shake type is to be installed,and to qualify for a material warranty that is then provided to the s homeowner/stakeholder.

AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®is proud to be one of three companies in the Province of Ontario that are certified installers of cedar shake and shingle roofs and walls. Our products come from approved mills, and we can supply Bureau material warranties in addition to our own transferrable written labour warranties.

Western Red Cedar is a warm and beautiful addition to most homes that acts as a great exterior insulator, and which resists insects due to the natural tannins that are characteristic of the product.

In addition to the many fine cedar roofed homes that we have completed over five decades, some notable projects include the Markham Heritage Museum and the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg to name a couple.

In the Rosedale / Moore Park area; 18 “ Tapersawn shakes are a popular choice for roofs, as well as 24” Royals on long/ large roof slopes. 18” Perfections shingles are most commonly used for walls. Consider adding feature line courses, diamond cut or scalloped cut shingles to incorporate as a beautiful design element in your retro-fit project.

To learn more; contact or visit; AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® and AVENUE ROAD MASONRY.

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it was a pleasure working with everyone at Avenue Road Roofing (ARR) and the finished product is incredible. I am a furniture/cabinetmaker myself, and let me just say that the kind of work ARR does is NOT the norm

Harry Shuber Email Review

This is my third time hiring Avenue Road for exterior work on my house. I have a very old house, and the jobs are always tricky. I wouldn't trust any other company to do roofing, siding, and exterior work. As always, they are reliable and do great quality work. Phil is knowledgeable and provides honest, fair quotes. Tony and Sunny, the aluminum experts, always do a fantastic job. Jason is so pleasant to deal with over the phone. Highly recommend Avenue roofing for all exterior work. I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Kathryn Collins HomeStars Review

Avenue replaced our two level 30 year old built up roof which developed a severe leak. The work was done on very short notice and in a professional manner. The roofing crew worked long days to ensure the roof was tight each night during the work. They very polite and left our property clean each day. Matthew, who prepared the quotation for the work, was very responsive and worked to ensure our roof replaced as quickly as possible.

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Avenue Road Roofing did an excellent job replacing my roof. Viktor and the crew were very conscientious, skilled and safe workers. The company has great customer service and were good to work with throughout the whole job.

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Excellent service on installation and outstanding after installation service. Today they checked my roof as I was seeing black pieces in my back yard. They climbed up on the roof and checked everywhere and it was Not coming from the roof which continues to be in excellent condition. I highly recommend Avenue road roofing.

Adele Berenstein Google Review

Class and Joe were amazing. Being only females in this family and mostly retired, we appreciated their courtesy, friendliness, respecting distancing and their honesty. Avenue road put a new roof years ago and they did amazing job. This project was the same. Thanks so much for your service.

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