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Since 1974 (Fifty years); AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® has been among the top choices for residents and commercial /institutional building owners for all types of roofing and related building envelope services including shingles, cedar shingles and shakes, slate, copper work, flat roofing, siding, eavestroughs, soffits, fascia’s, roof related carpentry including roof/ground decks, skylights, sheds, and masonry work including chimneys. Below we discuss some of the various options available to maintain, repair, replace and beautify your property. We represent a one stop shop, one source responsibility option for all types of consumers. We offer affordable payment options.

As a proven service provider that is highly credentialed, manufacturer certified, licensed, bonded and insured; we have associates that live and work in the Etobicoke community. Located in the west end of Toronto; our 16,000 sq. ft. facility stocks required materials, and houses our custom metal fabrication shop, including our offices. Our various divisional companies specialize in supplying the delivery of services to specific market segments. AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® serves the residential sector offering a full compliment of trade offerings. AVENUE ROAD MASONRY handles all aspects of brick masonry, stone work and chimney repair/replacement for industry and residents alike. AVENUE ROAD ROOFING COMMERCIAL Inc. services the commercial, industrial, institutional, property management, condominium and cooperative housing sectors.

Read more below about service offerings designed to help Etobicoke residents and property stake holders:

Etobicoke Kingsway Shingles & Steep Slope Services

Today most homes have some form of asphalt fiberglass shingles as the preferred water-shedding assembly. This incarnation of asphalt shingles replaces a prior generation of three tab asphalt shingles that were a mainstay for over seventy years prior. Although our company has experience installing all brands and types of shingles over the decades, we have partnered with the Certainteed™ brand of shingles. We chose this product over twenty years ago and were among the first in Canada to offer fiberglass shingles, long before other manufacturers caught on to the superior construction characteristics that they provided.

The brand consistently rated highest in Consumer reports and our experience concerning their ability to honour product warranty was unmatched by other vendors of the time. We hold their highest installer credential, which allows us to offer FIVE STAR™ warranties from the manufacturer, which enhance our own written labour warranty which is included with all of our roof replacements.

Shingle products today can be characterized as carrying limited lifetime warranties with realistic lifespans of at least thirty years and can reach fifty years if one invests in Luxury trilaminate products.

Installations require the absolute protection of client property and their adjacent neighbours as may be applicable. Best installation practices involve the removal and lawful disposal/recycling of old materials revealing the wooden substrate beneath (boards or plywood as the case may be). Once the deck has been inspected/wood repair has been addressed; the actual installation procedure begins.

Key to making a long lasting sloped roof assembly lies in the details. Underlayment which is applied at bottom roof eaves edges (Winterguard™ ice & water membrane);should be applied in courses that extend a minimum of 24” past the heated interior wall. Other critical detail and roof appliance points can include items such as skylight curbs, valleys, pipes, and penetrations. Such products serve to help resist the effects of ice damming and wind driven rain or harsh winter conditions.

The balance of the roof is then covered in either fiberglass felt or synthetic underlayment. To note is that these details are rarely used in the construction of new homes and subdivisions. Future changes to the building code may hopefully address such standards.

The selected shingles can then be applied in accordance with manufacturer requirements for nailing location and pattern. Important details include incorporating starter shingles not just at the eaves edges, but also to line sides of the valleys and rake edges (gable slopes).

Quality details to consider include installation of metal (pre-painted steel, or copper) valleys. Avoid less desirable closed valley methods in our market area due to winter climate/freeze-thaw cycling.

Metal flashing details at chimneys, walls, cloaks, skylights, chimneys, saddles and appurtenances should also be replaced with a new sloped roof assembly.

Ventilation is key to roof performance, validates manufacturer warranties, and can reduce heating and cooling costs. To note is that many older Kingsway constructed homes have challenges where intake ventilation may be involved. Signals of such include homes that have less than a one foot wide soffit(overhang). Certain shallow pitched bungalows in western Etobicoke may also have access challenges when it comes to installing vent baffles at roof/eaves junctions. In some such cases, the eaves plywood needs to be removed to accommodate installation of such. War time homes near the Queensway area have Gable roofs with knee wall cavities located at the bottom of the roof. Essentially, any homes that have sloped ceilings, dormers, or cathedral designs will require ridge venting and a determined intake plan.

The important principal to remember is that you will require a balanced ventilation system including at least 50% intake at the eaves and 50% at the top of the attic cavity.

If in the lifetime of your Etobicoke home, you have renovated, made improvements such as high efficiency furnaces, windows, doors, insulation, attic reconfiguration, it is then to be considered that you have changed the interior building environment. The moral being; you may need to consider this in relationship to venting the roof to avoid or eliminate issues such as increased attic humidity, condensation, ice damming peril and so on.

Invite one of our knowledgeable Etobicoke estimators to visit you and evaluate what you require when it is time to repair or replace your shingle roof assembly.

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Kingsway Etobicoke Cedar
Roofing & Walls

One of the distinguishing characteristics of many original Kingsway homes north of Bloor St. and toward the Old Mill, are the cedar roofs that were incorporated into the original design.

Such details were also found south of Bloor St. on homes that used cedar shingles on the gable end walls and on dormers to accentuate tudor design style.

The installation of cedar shingles and shakes should not be left to amateurs. It will be a costly mistake if waterproofing details are incorrectly completed at vulnerable valley junctions for example, or if cedar shingles buckle or claw prematurely due to lack of proper strapping or breather components beneath the materials.

The advantages of cedar are many. Cedar shingles and shakes act as a good exterior insulator. The natural tannins in cedar resist insects. Cedar wall installations can last in excess of one hundred years.

If one desires colour on their cedar walls, it is best to prestain the shingles and dry prior to application with a good oil based stain. Cedar shingles and shakes are best installed using stainless steel or copper nails that will not rust/ rot over extended time. The grade and style of shingles you select is important for longevity and to replicate authentic detail.

Where Kingsway homes are concerned; 18” or 24” Tapersawn™ shakes are most commonly used, having a uniform appearance for the roof. Cedar walls are most commonly installed using 18” Perfection Shingles  installed at a five and a half inch exposure.

As an approved Ontario installer for The Canadian Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau®, we are able to provide cedar product warranties in addition to our own written labour warranties. The Bureau grades cedar mill’s products and provides specifications and installation standards for the industry. Using such products insures quality, as much like produce, there are different product qualities and types.

When installing cedar roofs, incorporating cedar breather beneath the shakes and shingles allows air movement and product breathability which is key to longevity, and particularly with new growth inventory. Some heavy shakes roofs should be strapped depending on the application circumstance.

Pre-painted steel galvanized metal flashings are a less expensive option, but we prefer using copper metal work in association with cedar roof replacements. To note is that cedar shingles are an attractive and durable solution for mansard style roofs as well as steep pitch applications.

Heavy shakes and shakes generally look more rustic, where cedar shingles work with both traditional and modern architectural styles. Consider incorporating zinc strips to bleed oxide which resists streaks from deciduous trees nearby.

To learn more about Cedar shingles, shakes, repairs, and replacements, and Turada Hardwood shakes; consider your Etobicoke/Kingsway specialist AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®.

Kingsway Etobicoke Roof Repairs

Often it is not necessary to replace your entire roof. While some may view it to their advantage not to suggest repairs, our representatives that evaluate your sloped or flat roof needs, are required to provide honest representations of the situation. Satisfied clients who receive truthful information return in the future when they actually do need a roof replacement.

There are some instances where the repair investment would be better applied to a new roof but, we do not assume anyone’s circumstances. As a general rule of thumb; if the roof has been leaking for a substantial period of time, we will be concerned with hidden conditions such as rotted wood or mould, and will prefer to remove the existing assembly to provide a long lasting result.

If the roof is less than ten years old, and it exhibits that the majority of the surface is in good order, we can usually source the problem and correct that. Most leaks occur at a roof detail like a valley or appliance such as a chimney, stack or skylight.

There are some instances where we can encounter a newer roof where the workmanship is majorly not satisfactory. We encourage clients to rely on their prior vendor’s warranty. If that is not an option, we will quote for a result that we can actually stand behind.

Small repairs such as a few missing shingles are best served by our small repair team. The minimum charge is $475 plus tax. This includes travel to and from the site and the first hour’s work. The charge is then $200 per man /per hour thereafter plus materials. This covers our costs for labour, insurance, WSIB, overhead, and a small profit. We are required to dispatch a minimum two man team for health and safety requirements.  The service is designed for items which are typically no longer than two to three hours in duration.

If we determine a bigger issue, we will provide an estimate instead and if a major service is accepted we will often provide a credit for part of the initial service.

Larger scopes of repair work are usually investigated by our Etobicoke estimators. They will establish an appointment to view the situation, provide a written estimate and if approved by the client; the work will be delivered via our Production division whom will schedule and dispatch the appropriate trade technicians to complete the tasks involved. We do not charge for such repair estimates.

There are circumstances where testing is required, access issues, or hidden conditions make it difficult to supply a fixed estimate. We will communicate a charge involving time and materials to conduct such investigations. The client must approve the costs in writing, prior to dispatching technicians or roof mechanics under such situations.

We supply repair services typically during business hours Monday through Friday. We do prioritize repair staff allocation, for our previous and existing clients during extreme weather events. It is important to note that while people may feel duress under such extreme or prolonged weather conditions; we must consider staff safety first, and the fact that permanent fixes can only be accomplished once good weather returns.

We appreciate our clients patience, understanding and consideration of common sense under such conditions. No one wants to serve you more than we do. We are always a phone call or a click away.

You can make your request on-line at

Etobicoke Kingsway Flat Roof Repairs

Certain new build homes, mansard style homes, and most commonly commercial buildings in Etobicoke, will have waterproofing assemblies consisting of BUR ( Built up tar and gravel) or two ply modified bitumen membrane roofs. The rarer types will have single ply membranes like TPO or PVC, or EPDM.

AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® can supply expert evaluation of leaks and communicate remedial strategies for all such roof types. Such repairs fall into three categories. Permanent repairs; which involve replacing a determined section of the roof (side to side as an example). Such repairs may be subject to a warranty.

The second type of flat roof repair is termed strategic. Such repairs are designed to help resolve a leak in a particular roof area (such as at a curb or wall detail as an example). These are usually obvious failure points which can be demonstrated. A particular scope of work is specified, and we will complete the details of the specified agenda. No warranty is supplied although we will return once if the issue repeats. This not suggested for flat roofs which are beyond their intended lifecycle or have had multiple past leaks or have multiple layers.

Maintenance Repairs are completed on aging flat roof assemblies that are in sufficient condition to accept new materials. Common details include roof perimeters, curbs, walls, wind scour, and minor leaks at penetration points or roof drains, etc. A specific repair agenda is provided. Such repairs may have a limited warranty and particularly, if it involves extending the life of one of our original flat roof installations.

Contact the flat roofing division at AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® or AVENUE ROAD ROOFING COMMERCIAL Inc.

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Etobicoke / Kingsway Flat Roof Replacement

If you have a flat roof which is older than twenty years; it is reasonable to assume that flat roof replacement will be a likely prospect.

A great deal has to do with the conditions of the roof such as the waterproofing system type, roof related traffic, aging characteristics, prior maintenance history and so on. If We can repair the roof and provide a reasonable result we will tell you. If it is not a viable option ;system replacement will become the only option we can stand behind.

Modified Bitumen (a two ply waterproofing assembly); is likely today’s most popular system particularly for residential applications. It is hearty yet is relatively light weight and has a high tensile strength. It consists of a base ply sheet and a granular surfaced cap sheet. There are different application methods involving hot asphalt, torch application or cold applied adhesives. Each method bonds one ply to the other and to the underlying insulation layer or substrate if it is concrete.

For residential applications;(where there exist older dried lumber substrates and framing), we insist on cold applied methods. This eliminates fire risk. We will use other methods discussed on commercial applications typically.

When replacing a flat roof, consider improving the drainage characteristics. Today’s building code seeks a minimum two percent grade on new construction. Improved drainage on older flat roofs can be achieved by cricketing the roof by carpentry, or by installing an engineered, tapered insulation system (usually more expensive). Other measures include sumping internal drains, adding exterior scupper drains, and channels made toward drain locations.

Once the flat substrate is made good , the next item in a flat water proofing assembly will be the vapour retarder.  Cold applied or hot asphalt on concrete decks, kraft paper and adhesive on metal decks, kraft paper or felts for wood decks. If fire spread is a design consideration, 5/8” Firerock™ gypsum board may be necessary. Most typically, a minimum of one inch polyisocyanurate insulation will be provided on residential applications with increased levels of insulation often utilized on commercial applications.

The thermal insulation supplied is typically applied in staggered layers and taped to resist thermal bridging. Over the thermal insulation, we install a protective insulation board designed to accept the first ply of modified bitumen. Once the finished ply is installed, and the membrane and target flashings have been applied at strategic areas and roof appliances; the final work involving sheet metal fabrication and installation can be completed.

Other options for commercial clients such as BUR and TPO are available.

To learn more about commercial or residential flat roofing installation contact your Etobicoke specialists with fifty years of experience at AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®.

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Etobicoke Kingsway Gutter-Eavestrough Systems, Siding, Soffits, Fascias

Keeping the gutters clean and downpipes free of blockage will resolve fourty percent of the winter ice back up calls that our office receives. Particularly those people who have flat roof scupper drains with associated downpipes draining the rain and meltwater during colder months.

When checking eavestroughs in the fall and spring, look for leaking miter joints at inside and outside corners and at end caps of dedicated runs of gutter at the base of a gable slope.

Other common issues are water spilling over the front face of the gutter during rainfall, signaling a plugged outlet or a poor camber to the trough itself.

Many homes have gutters which are too small to carry the volume of water shedding off a particularly steep slope.

If you recognize these issue, many can be resolved by the home/building owner themselves, If you are not comfortable on a ladder or at heights, call an insured professional. Don’t choose an amateur that can represent a liability issue who does not have proper insurance or fall arrest training.

When you need aluminum gutters, soffit and or fascia cladding, trust the experts with 50 years experience serving the Etobicoke/Kingsway area.

Our mobile trucks are equipped with gutter machines that can extrude any length, or colour ,or brand ,of premium gauge aluminum.

We also specialize in soldered seam copper 5” K, 6”K and half round styles. Large 4”x3” pipes are suggested for homes with long gutter runs and steep roof slopes. Standard 3”x3” pipes are typical for many home installations.

Consider the low maintenance result, and  appearance upgrade that results from installing new aluminum soffit and fascia cladding, capping or siding. A relatively inexpensive way to modernize the look of your home.

If you have one of the older Etobicoke bungalows, consider replacing the old 1950’s – 8” aluminum profile with new Centric composite siding or new aluminum or vinyl siding options. It can change the entire appearance of the home and add value quickly. Currently grey palettes are popular with black windows and trims as one modern option.

Request one of our experienced Etobicoke estimators to demonstrate what is possible.

Kingsway Etobicoke Carpentry, Decks, Skylight

Due to our name AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®, many people are not aware that our skilled carpenters  supply beautiful cedar, composite, or pressure treated roof  level and ground decks. We also restore porches, columns and roof related carpentry items.

Long ago we figured out some people are not as excited about replacing a roof, but they do enjoy a new or replacement skylight. Letting the sun shine in, can open up that dark interior space. The space will feel larger and brighter. We install top brands such as Velux. A popular service to ward off the winter blues.

Consider a she/he shed for the backyard to provide that needed yoga space, man cave, or kid’s play zone. Contact the carpentry division at AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® today.

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Avenue replaced our two level 30 year old built up roof which developed a severe leak. The work was done on very short notice and in a professional manner. The roofing crew worked long days to ensure the roof was tight each night during the work. They very polite and left our property clean each day. Matthew, who prepared the quotation for the work, was very responsive and worked to ensure our roof replaced as quickly as possible.

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Excellent service on installation and outstanding after installation service. Today they checked my roof as I was seeing black pieces in my back yard. They climbed up on the roof and checked everywhere and it was Not coming from the roof which continues to be in excellent condition. I highly recommend Avenue road roofing.

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Class and Joe were amazing. Being only females in this family and mostly retired, we appreciated their courtesy, friendliness, respecting distancing and their honesty. Avenue road put a new roof years ago and they did amazing job. This project was the same. Thanks so much for your service.

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