Writing An Effective Resume to Get Work as a Roofer

Make a Positive First Impression with Your Resume When Seeking Roofer Jobs

Success in Getting Roofing JobsUnless someone who is looking for work as a roofer’s helper or roofing labourer happens to be the beneficiary of a personal or family connection, it most likely means that they will need to prepare an effective resume that brings their name to the head of the line versus any and all other potential applicants.

Now some might say that there will always be a need for roofers, so why do they need a resume to get such work – would it not be enough to simply highlight a good work ethic and any previous roofing experience to find a job? The short answer, quite simply, is no.

As with many other types of contractor services, there is considerable competition in the roofing industry; and for the individual roofing companies, much of their success will rely on their reputation, which in turn is developed from the quality of their workmanship and customer service. For such reasons, roofing companies need to hire capable roofers with the skills to help them build and maintain their respective reputations and businesses.

And this is where the importance of an effective resume factors into the equation; it will often be the first impression that job seeker makes with any reputable roofing company that is looking for qualified people to represent their business in the field/on the job.

Prior to discussing the type of information that one should include in their roofing-related resume and cover letter, it may be beneficial to clarify the job/role of a roofer; this is an individual with the skills to install, repair, or replace the following:

  • Flat roofs (commercial and residential properties)
  • Shingles or other roofing materials on sloped roofs

In some employment situations, roofers may also be responsible for the waterproofing of basements, foundations, chimneys, and other masonry structures; as an example, these waterproofing duties could be contained in the roofer’s helper job descriptions at Avenue Road Roofing, a well-established and highly recognized roofing contractor in Toronto that also offers masonry services.

Whether an individual is looking for work as a roofer’s helper, roofing labourer, or roofing foreman or supervisor, a good deal of thought, time, and effort should be invested in the preparation of their resume. There is a considerable amount of truth in the saying that ‘one reaps what they sow’, which can be interpreted to mean that a well-written resume will result in a greater number of interview opportunities than a resume that is just put together in a quick and careless manner; thus the remainder of this discussion will focus on the relevant/pertinent content that should be collected and presented in one’s cover letter and resume for roofing-related jobs.

Information Roofers Should Have in Their Resume When Applying for Any Jobs

Grab Roofing Jobs With Effective ResumeThe content of an application (cover letter and resume) for roofing labourer or supervisor jobs should address several important areas, notably:

  • Basic information
  • Skills and experience
  • Accreditations/certifications
  • Establishing work flexibility/versatility

The following is a brief synopsis of each area examined in slightly greater detail:

  • Basic Information
    • Provide all of ways to be contacted (e.g.: phone, e-mail) as well as best times
    • Employment history – ensure there are no time gaps that cannot be explained
    • References – obtain their consent before including their names and contact info
    • Education should be listed accurately – again, no gaps that cannot be explained
  • Skills and Experience
    • List any and all types of roofing work done – shingle, metal, sloped, flat, etc.
    • Include specific responsibilities – shingling, eavestroughing, waterproofing, etc.
    • Note any specialty work – copper roofing, slate/tile/cedar roofing, green roofing
  • Accreditations/Certifications
    • Describe any apprenticeships and training programs (e.g.: working at heights)
    • Accentuate any certificates (journeyperson, Red Seal); voluntary certifications
  • Work Flexibility and Versatility
    • Highlight/specify availability for emergency work, weekends, and overtime hours
    • Clearly indicate a willingness to work in any type of weather conditions/situations

When candidates intend to apply for roofer’s jobs or other related positions, their resume needs to make a positive and strong first impression such that their potential value to an employer stands above the pool of all other applicants.

If you believe that you have the roofing-related skills and work ethic to contribute to the ongoing success and trusted reputation of a leading roofing company in Toronto for over 40 years, call Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us for further information about employment opportunities.

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