Winter Skylight Repairs and Retrofits

Causes and Signs Pointing to a Need for Skylight Inspection and Repair Service

Skylight RetrofitThe installation of a skylight can dramatically enrich the character of virtually any space that sits directly below the roof of a home. By increasing the quantity of natural light entering their living space, homeowners can enhance the warmth, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of their home, while also reducing their energy consumption and its related costs.

The enhancements/benefits afforded by skylights can be introduced to several areas of a Toronto home, based on roof compatibility; installation sites can include the following:

  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways/entryways
  • Living rooms/dining rooms
  • Home offices, garages, workshops

Unfortunately, any associated benefits can often be diminished or perhaps not realized at all, due to one or more of the following factors:

  • Poor installation
  • Improper positioning
  • Aging and/or weathering
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Manufacturing flaws/defects
  • Lack of structural reinforcement

There are several signs that a skylight may not be installed and/or functioning properly; these indicators can be seen or felt from inside the home and will often consist of:

  • Condensation between the panes
  • Cracked or damaged glass or acrylic
  • Draft around the edges of the skylight
  • Stained or damp drywall near the skylight
  • Leaks/water penetration in rain/snow conditions

These circumstances can in turn lead to a need for skylight repair or retrofitting services; in the case of retrofitting, this would involve the replacement or upgrading of an existing skylight to capitalize on new technologies or features that have been developed since the time of original manufacture or installation.

Furthermore, skylights that are damaged and/or underperforming, so to speak, can also negatively impact the overall performance and structural integrity of the entire roofing system; this can be particularly problematic with winter’s weather now having descended upon Toronto at the GTA.

Therefore, it would be highly advisable for homeowners to schedule a full roof inspection by a certified contractor like Avenue Road Roofing as soon as possible, especially if there are actual or suspected issues with any existing skylights, to determine whether repairs or retrofitting may be needed before any damage occurs or worsens over the winter.

Go to our Roof Diagnostic Reporting page for additional information on the roof and skylight inspection services provided by Avenue Road Roofing. Insight on Avenue Road Roofing’s skylight repair services can be obtained at our Skylight Repairs page.

Skylight Replacement or Retrofitting by Experienced Roofing Professionals

New Skylight InstallationSkylight installation, whether as a new addition to the home or retrofitting of an existing feature, requires the knowledge and skills of experienced professionals such as the crews from Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto. Although some homeowners might be motivated by do-it-yourself tasks, it should be kept in mind that skylight installations involve a hole cut into the roof of a home; as such, the specialists at Avenue Road Roofing possess the expertise needed to:

  • Situate the skylight properly in its opening – raised above the roof surface
  • Structurally reinforce the roof – to withstand the added weight of the skylight
  • Install all membranes, flashing, weather stripping – to prevent air/water leaks
  • Take appropriate safety precautions when accessing and moving about the roof
  • Prevent any unnecessary or inadvertent damage to the roof, roof deck, or trusses

In some instances, even though repairs may not be needed, Toronto homeowners might choose to retrofit their existing skylights in order to take advantage of new technologies or features available today. Some of these advances include:

  • Tinted panes or protective ultraviolet coatings
  • Ventilation options (to allow warm air to escape)
  • Retractable shades (to regulate the amount of light)

Once again, the professionals at Avenue Road Roofing can be called upon for their expert skylight installation services. In such cases, the requisite skills might include the correct removal of an existing skylight prior to the insertion of the newer model; this step places added importance on protecting the overall structural integrity of the roof system, which in turn lies within the capabilities of the Avenue Road Roofing team.

More information on the skylight installation services provided by the experts at Avenue Road Roofing, including the retrofitting of an existing skylight, is available through a visit to our Skylight Services page.

For skilled skylight installation, repair or retrofitting services, call the professionals from Avenue Road Roofing today at 647-360-7743 or Contact us to request a free estimate or to schedule a roof inspection and preventative maintenance in preparation for winter.