Wind Storm Damage Update

Wind Storm Damage Update

Dear Valued Clients:

We have sincerely appreciated your patience, and understanding, as we have spent the past few weeks focusing on conducting both temporary, and permanent roof repairs, to mitigate damages resulting from the May wind event.

It has represented a truly “all hands effort”, with our company having received close to four thousand requests within the first week alone. We would like to extend a special thanks to our service technicians, production staff, and front-line communications staff; many of whom worked extraordinary hours, evenings, and weekends to help care for our customers.

Insurers have termed the recent storm as a catastrophe event; with losses reported in the multi-millions of dollars. AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® is now focused on servicing those clients requiring major roof repairs and or replacements.

Our estimating team is contacting all of our customers presently, and returning to normal estimating operations. If you have not been contacted by your estimator as of yet; you will be shortly. To date; our efforts have been to get, our valued existing and current customers water-tight as a first priority.

Many clients are now requiring estimates to provide to their insurers, as insurers work to settle such claims.

As a property owner who has sustained damage, and reported it to your insurer; you may be offered the choice to accept a monetary settlement, to use an approved insurance vendor to repair/replace your roof loss, or hire your own contractor to complete such work.

When you are considering the matter of settlement; be sure to select a properly credentialed, and licensed contractor that can demonstrate current WSIB Coverage, compliance with MOL requirements for Fall Arrest Legislation, and who can demonstrate correct insurance coverage. As witnessed during the emergency temporary work phase of the storm; some people got involved with completing such work without these required elements in place, which in turn, had placed certain homeowners at risk of liability in the event of a fall or accident.

Should you need assistance, or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  or or (416)785-6167

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