Why Homes Need Adequate Attic Ventilation

The Importance of Having Adequate Attic Ventilation for Your Toronto Home

Attic VentilationWhen a roof is functioning in optimal fashion, it will protect the home, its occupants, and its contents from the range of weather conditions experienced in Toronto throughout the various seasons of the year. It should therefore be obvious that the correct installation of a roof will play a critical role in ensuring that it fulfills/performs to its expectations.

For the vast majority of homeowners, the proper installation of a residential roof may be perceived as merely establishing the correct pitch or slope of the decking, then attaching the roofing material, usually asphalt shingles. Yet another important consideration for Toronto roofing contractors, and one that will likely not sit foremost in the minds of local homeowners, is making sure that there is adequate attic ventilation.

Why is it important to have ventilation in an area of the home that is commonly used as storage space, if not disregarded altogether, by the homeowner? The answer is in fact rather clear; there are several types of damage or problems that can develop throughout the various seasons due to the lack of sufficient attic ventilation. Such damage or issues could present as:

  • Deterioration of asphalt shingles
  • Mold and mildew growth in the attic
  • Rotting of the rafters and roof decking
  • Condensation/frost formation in the attic
  • Development of ice dams during the winter

To prevent damage of this magnitude and avoid what could likely be expensive repairs, there must be a natural flow of air through an attic, i.e. good ventilation, throughout the year. In the summer, this flow helps remove hot/muggy air from the attic, deterring the accumulation of moisture and preserving the integrity of the roof deck and the shingles; during the winter, cold air passing through the attic keeps it temperature sufficiently low and protects the roof from problems linked to freeze-and-thaw cycles, notably ice dams.

When their attic is suitably ventilated on a year-round basis, homeowners in Toronto will realize a number of benefits; in addition to avoiding unwelcome and needless roof repair costs, other benefits can include:

  • Preventing water damage to the roof and/or interior of the home
  • Curbing ice dam formation and damage to the roof/gutters in winter
  • Lower interior temperatures in the summer – thus lower cooling costs
  • Preserving overall roof integrity and extending life expectancy of the roof
  • Ensuring that manufacturer warranties are respected in the event of a claim

As a trusted roofing contractor with more than 40 years of experience in roof inspection, installation, and repair, Avenue Road Roofing can help Toronto homeowners with any/all of their attic ventilation needs and make sure that they receive maximum protection and benefit by having effective air flow through this area of the home.

Expert Services to Help Toronto Homeowners Improve Their Attic Ventilation

Installation or Replacement of RoofThe installation or replacement of any roof should not be considered complete without an assurance that there is suitable ventilation of the attic; why spend the money to change or upgrade the roof of the home without confirming that it will be adequately protected against the types of damage or problems discussed previously, right?

However, there can be times when the roof does not need to be completely replaced yet the flow of air through the attic can be improved, in turn helping to protect the integrity of the roof and extend its lifecycle; this type of scenario may come to light subsequent to a comprehensive roof inspection performed by the experts from Avenue Road Roofing.

If the inspection finds a deficiency in the attic ventilation, perhaps due to the presence of mold or localized roof damage, the knowledgeable contractors at Avenue Road Roofing can take specific actions to restore the proper flow of air through the attic and thereby remedy the situation. Such measures could include one or more of the following:

  • Installing more vents at various and appropriate locations on the roof
    • Vents higher up on the roof to serve as exhaust outlets
    • Vents lower down on the roof to provide more air intake
  • Ensuring that all exhaust/intake vents are the same style respectively
    • Mixed styles and sizes can negatively affect air conduction
  • Installing or converting to turbine vents if the attic has been air-sealed
    • Making certain these vents are level so they can work effectively
  • Adding more intake vents to the soffit (if soffit is aluminum versus wood)

For further information on the full scope of attic insulation services available to property owners in Toronto from the experienced roofing contractors at Avenue Road Roofing.

If you suspect or have evidence that there might be concerns with the attic ventilation in your home, the comprehensive roof inspection services offered by Avenue Road Roofing can verify the existence and/or source of the problem as well as identify the best course of action to restore air flow to its requisite level. Call the specialists from Avenue Road Roofing at 416-785-5129 today or contact us to arrange for a roof inspection as soon as possible.