Why Homeowners May Need Masonry Repairs After The Harsh Winter Weather

The harsh weather in Toronto and the GTA this past winter was quite damaging to many homes and properties. While much of the attention focused on property damage caused by ice and/or broken tree branches, the exterior masonry and foundation of your home may have also suffered damage that will require extensive and expensive repairs.

If the roof of your home was fortunately spared from any damage, the same may not be true for your chimney, particularly if it is made of brick. The bitterly cold temperatures, in Toronto, in conjunction with an occasional period of thawing followed once again by temperatures well below freezing, might have played havoc with the masonry of your home, including the chimney, and some degree of repairs may be in order as a result.

Signs of damage when inspecting your masonry work in Toronto will include:

  • Spalled or crumbling brick
  • Loose or displaced bricks
  • Cracks in the bricks
  • Cracks in the mortar
  • Degraded mortar joints

Those same weather-related factors may have also caused damage to the foundation of your home, since poured concrete and cement or cinder block masonry are not immune to the forces of nature. When inspecting this sector of your home for possible repairs, look for the following signs of potential or existing damage:

  • Obvious cracks in the concrete or block walls
  • Water seeping or trickling through hairline cracks
  • Pooling or ponding of water at the base of a masonry wall
  • Repairs by a previous owner or contractor that may be weakening/leaking
  • Dark spots (on the exterior or interior) due to mildew or water staining
  • Cracking or lifting of tiles that are covering a concrete basement floor

With the snow and ice now gone after a long and cold winter, the time is right to inspect the masonry of your home – bricks and foundation – for evidence of damage and to initiate any necessary repairs as quickly as possible to prevent the possibility of further complications or structural damage to your home.

Consider A Professional Inspection Of Your Home’s Foundation

It would be safe to say that many homeowners do not conduct regular inspections of the masonry, chimney, or foundation of their home. However, if repairs are required for any of these structures, the damage may not be as readily apparent as a broken water pipe or an overhead garage door that will not open.

For this reason, it may be advisable to hire a masonry repair specialist to perform a full inspection of your Toronto home for any damage to the bricks, chimney, or foundation.

The masonry division of Avenue Road Roofing has the expertise to identify potential or existing problems and the capability/competence to complete any subsequent repairs with professional and reliable workmanship. Specifically, Avenue Road Roofing can provide the following masonry repair services throughout Toronto and the GTA:

  • Brick Masonry – Repairs or replacement of bricks and mortar as required
  • Chimney Repairs – Restored or completely rebuilt (based on extent of the damage)
  • Foundations – Repairing and/or sealing cracks and leaks, plus proper waterproofing to prevent further water or structural damage

For professional masonry inspections and repairs in the GTA, contact Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129! From brick walls to chimneys, to concrete or cinder block foundations, you can count on Avenue Road Roofing to provide comprehensive inspections and expert masonry repairs for your home.