Various Types of Gutter System Designs and Materials

Homeowners Have Several Choices When Considering New Gutter Installation

It would not be surprising if a survey conducted about gutter systems produced a blank look on the faces of many homeowners in Toronto. Quite likely, a majority of those who are asked to comment on their gutter systems would be unaware that there are different types from which to choose; most would probably say that gutters are gutters, provided they adequately do their job.

That job, fundamentally, is to collect/capture rainwater and winter thaw from the roof of a home and disperse it such that the roof, home, and surrounding property are protected against water penetration and damage, and potentially extensive/expensive repair costs. Secondarily, gutter systems give the eaves of the roof a finished edge thus adding to the overall curb appeal of homes in and around Toronto.

But to paraphrase a commonly-used proverb, all gutters are not created equal; in fact, a gutter system can come in two basic types or designs and can be manufactured from at least six different materials.

Basic gutter types are defined by their shape as well as where they are principally used:

  • Gutter Types
    • K-Style
      • Flat bottoms and flat backs – used mainly for newer/modern homes
      • Front facing usually has a decorative shape similar to crown molding
    • Half-Round
      • Round, semi-circle shape; mostly installed on older/historic structures
      • Primarily constructed of metal; have less capacity than K-style gutters

From the perspective of material composition, homeowners can compare and select
from the following options when they are considering a new or upgraded gutter installation:

  • Gutter Composition
    • Aluminum
      • Most widely-used material – lightweight; easy to mold and install
      • Available in various colours and can also be painted; rust-resistant
    • Copper
      • Long-lasting and rust-proof but heavier/less versatile than aluminum
      • Cannot be painted; needs welding – more laborious, longer installation
    • Seamless Aluminum
      • Also known as continuous gutters – can be cut/made right at the job site
      • Fewer seams thus less chance of leaks; costs more vs. standard aluminum
    • Steel
      • Very strong but also very heavy; longevity a concern due to risk of rusting
      • Available in several colour options and can also be painted; costly to install
    • Vinyl
      • Affordable, lightweight material – easy to install but fewer colour choices
      • Will not rust though less durable vs. aluminum, especially in cold weather
    • Zinc
      • Extremely durable and long-lasting metal – does not need to be painted
      • A more expensive material to install – seams and joints must be welded

While some of the above materials, notably standard aluminum and vinyl, can potentially be mounted by do-it-yourself homeowners to help save money, gutter installation should in fact be left to roofing professionals, such as the team at Avenue Road Roofing. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration in addition to the colour/choice of material, including:

  • Size and pitch of the roof
  • Slope/incline of the gutters
  • Condition of the fascia board
  • Gutter capacity (5 or 6 inches)
  • Safety (re: working at heights)

Ensuring that a gutter installation is done properly will be critically important in achieving reliable and optimal performance from the system. To that end, homeowners in Toronto can rely on the experts at Avenue Road Roofing, who offer more than 40 years of gutter installation experience with a variety of materials for a wide range of roof shapes/styles.

To learn more about gutter installation by the professionals at Avenue Road Roofing, see eavestrough systems

Full Gutter Maintenance Including Inspections, Repairs, and Cleaning Service

In addition to its expertise in gutter installation, Avenue Road Roofing offers a complete range of maintenance services over the lifespan of the system. Based on their extensive knowledge and experience with roofing systems, including the integration of thousands of gutter systems, Avenue Road Roofing can provide homeowners in Toronto with quality workmanship with respect to:

  • Gutter inspection and repair
  • Seasonal gutter cleaning service
  • Installation of leaf guards (to keep gutters free of debris)

As with many other types of preventative measures, keeping a gutter system clean and well-maintained will have a positive impact on its performance and longevity, particularly with the seasonal weather conditions experienced in the local Toronto area. For further information on what is included in the gutter cleaning service offered by Avenue Road Roofing, see eavestrough cleaning

For experienced gutter installation, cleaning, and repair services, call the professionals at Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto at 416-785-5129 today or contact us to obtain a free quote for your particular gutter-related needs.