University of Toronto Researchers Offer Unique Perspective on Green Roofing

Green Roof Considerations to Achieve Optimal Ecological and Economic Effects

Why Go for Green RoofsGreen roofing is a term commonly used to define a roof surface that supports the growth of vegetation on some or all of its space for the purpose of conserving water and energy. There are several environmental and financial benefits to installing green roofs in any/all new-building construction or the conversion of existing surfaces to this format, including:

  • Environmental
    • Better use/application of existing urban space
    • Improved management of stormwater run-off
    • A reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions
    • Quantifiable improvements in air quality indexes
    • Moderated temperatures/reduction of urban heat
    • Absorption of sound and reduction of noise pollution
    • Reduction of pollutants flowing into drainage systems
  • Financial
    • Offers natural insulation – thus lower energy costs
    • Prolongs lifecycles for heating and cooling equipment
    • Enhanced curb appeal/aesthetics for commercial interests
    • Extends the life of (i.e.: the investment in) roofing materials

Recognizing the overall significance of green roofing, the City of Toronto enacted a bylaw in May 2009 that mandated the installation of these roof systems for any new buildings with floor areas of 2,000 square meters or more, on a proportional basis, and which also offers financial support for the adaptation of roof spaces on buildings constructed prior to 2009. Subsequently, by 2014, Toronto was recognized as one of the five leading urban centres within North America for its green roof conversion rates.

Now, researchers from the University of Toronto’s GRIT (Green Roof Innovation Testing) Lab are looking to take this green roof initiative to the next level, so to speak, with much of this based on the premise that all green roofs are not alike. In other words, they are looking at marrying specific types of green roofing with their explicit locations in order to realize the best ecological and economic results; this takes into account such factors as:

  • Height of the structure
  • Proximity to other buildings
  • Proximity to natural formations
  • Selection of green roof materials
  • Selection of the vegetation/plant life
  • Amount of direct sunlight versus shade
  • Volume of rainfall to hold versus disperse

Examining the installation of green roofing at an individualized or customized level rather than the more universal application inferred by the City of Toronto’s bylaw does indeed offer a unique perspective, along with the possibility of having a far greater impact, too. As an example, the GRIT Lab researchers suggest that 50% green roof coverage in the future would significantly lessen the overloading of Toronto’s storm sewers and of any subsequent flooding, which coincidently has been a topic of considerable conversation in light of the heavy rains experienced in the city so far this year.

To learn more about the GRIT Lab and its objectives, see

Trust Experienced Roofing Professionals to Install, Maintain Your Green Roofing

Roofing Professionals for Green RoofingBuilding owners and/or property managers who want or need to install green roofing will find it beneficial to consult the experienced professionals at Avenue Road Roofing. These green roof experts can offer valuable insight relative to roof design and can subsequently deliver the skilled workmanship needed throughout the construction and post-installation phases as well.

The green roofing installation services provided by the team from Avenue Road Roofing consist of the following:

  • Ensuring the integrity of the roof structure
  • Removal of any/all existing roofing material
  • Installation of the new waterproof membrane
  • Design/construction of the proper drainage system
  • Arrangement of growing medium/selected vegetation

Once the green roof is in place, Avenue Road Roofing can ensure its optimal performance through such actions/services as:

  • Routine gutter/drain maintenance/clearance
  • Regular inspection of roof integrity, caulking, seams
  • Appropriate removal/disposal of snow and ice accumulation

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