Uninsured Or Uncertified Roofers Can Become A Financial Liability For Homeowners

Toronto RoofersFor many property owners, the lack of time, skills, experience, and/or proper equipment will prevent them from performing, or even attempting, remodelling, renovation, or maintenance projects. In such instances, the prudent decision to hire contractors will save time and frustration in the short-term and possibly save money and potential issues in the long run.

However, the decision is significantly more complicated than just hiring a contractor, as the bigger question pertains to which contractor to hire. Why? Because hiring uninsured or uncertified contractors – even though they might quote much lower costs and have more immediate availability than certified installers – can result in serious repercussions for the homeowner or business owner.

Although this level of caution should apply to any type of maintenance/repair services, this discussion focuses on property owners in need of professional roofers in Toronto.

Uninsured or uncertified roofers present numerous financial liabilities to homeowners or business owners/property managers, including:

  • Work done in potential violation of residential/commercial insurance policies
  • Inability to obtain valid/proper roofing permits (work may be halted)
  • Lack of familiarity with or attention to building codes – may affect future sale
  • Subsequent safety hazards due to improper installation or poor workmanship
  • No written contract – therefore no recourse for shoddy or unfinished work
  • No WSIB coverage – may be held responsible to compensate injured workers
  • No insurance – no avenue to secure reimbursement for any property damage

Simply stated, property owners should not be subjected to the risks associated with using uninsured or uncertified roofers – there are other immediate and direct concerns worthy of worry (cost and completion time of the job) without adding the financial liabilities of self-professed free agent or convenience contracting. Dealing only with licensed/certified roofers in Toronto will alleviate these potential liabilities and give property owners peace of mind in relation to:

  • Proper adherence to safety measures/guidelines
  • Building codes and permits
  • Insurance coverage – for both the roofers and the property
  • Quality workmanship using top quality materials
  • Written warranties – materials and workmanship

To avoid possible penalties and/or litigation fees, property owners should only consider the services of certified and insured roofers in Toronto such as Avenue Road Roofing.

Signs That Some Toronto Roofers May Be Uninsured Or Uncertified

So how can someone tell if a roofer may be uninsured or uncertified? The most direct way would be to ask, but there are certain signs that should raise suspicions.

If a roofing offer seems too good to be true, it likely is too good to be true. You should be very careful of such “deals” as:

  • Economies of scale – “We are working in the area so discounts are available”
  • Last day to sign up for a discount or rebate program – “Deposit needed today”
  • On-the-spot repairs – “There are clear signs that your roof is in need of repair”

Other signs/red flags that you may not be speaking with a certified and insured roofing contractor will be reflected in some or all of the following situations/conditions:

  • Company address, phone number and/or e-mail cannot be verified
  • Reluctance/unwillingness to provide a detailed written estimate/contract
  • The deposit requested is quite excessive (more than 33% of total cost)
  • Any and all payments are requested to be made in cash only
  • Cannot verify their certification for installing products/materials offered
  • Cannot or will not present proof of licensing or association memberships
  • Cannot or will not present proof of WSIB registration
  • Cannot or will not present proof of liability insurance
  • Unable or unwilling to supply references from previous customers

Even when any form of documentation is made available, you should proceed on the side of caution by confirming that such licenses, insurance policies, and/or certifications are still in good standing i.e. they have neither lapsed, expired, nor been revoked. You can do so by noting policy numbers, certification numbers, etc. and contacting the respective agencies for verification.

To alleviate potential liabilities and give yourself peace of mind when you need a roofing contractor, call the licensed professionals at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to request your no-obligation estimate.