Toronto Roofing Scam Update

Be AWARE Scam Alert

We have become aware of persons posing as AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®employees; whom are scamming seniors and vulnerable citizens. Perpetrators are knocking on doors; using our name and address on contract forms/offering to do non-evasive evaluation of the roof, and then causing damage. Photos are shown to demonstrate the damage, and victims are being scammed to pay ridiculously high sums of money, often requesting cash payment. We have noted three alternative company names that are being used. Police have been contacted. If you have been victimized or approached by those claiming to work for ARR®; contact police. You can verify if a person works for ARR® by contacting our Reception. We will never ask for cash payment or substantial payment before work begins. Perpetrators have been recently spotted operating in the Yonge/ Lawrence and (North York) areas. Those with senior parents living alone should alert them to such fraud.

Toronto Roofing Scam Arrest:

February 2023

Police investigators confirmed that roofing scammers have misrepresented themselves as AVENUE ROAD ROOFING to innocent vulnerable homeowners. The scammers are known to use unscrupulous pressure tactics to get large cash sums out of the homeowner for no work done.

Investigators confirmed that AVENUE ROAD ROOFING  is not involved in this fraud, and alleged that the roofing scammer used the AVENUE ROAD ROOFING  name to appear as if he worked for a legitimate business.

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