Toronto Roofing Experts Reveal Benefits Of Installing Skylights

While research evidence supports that natural light has a positive effect on human health and enjoyment as well as performance/productivity, one only needs to recall past and/or everyday personal experiences to validate this statement. Consider the following and relate each situation to how you feel as it applies to your home, work, or entertainment:

  • Having lunch in an open atrium well-lit by skylights versus a basement cafeteria?
  • Watching live baseball in July in an open stadium rather than under a domed roof?
  • Working in a window-lit office instead of a central bullpen in the middle of a room?
  • Being outdoors wearing shorts and a T-shirt or working nights in a confined space?

Undoubtedly, the described settings that offer access to natural light can have a distinct and positive influence on mood and/or performance compared to the settings that rely more on artificial light. This correlation also holds true for the installation of skylights in your home or office.

Skylights that are installed by the best roofing company in Toronto, such as Avenue Road Roofing, can provide several benefits for your home or business in relation to:

  • Energy conservation
  • Comfort
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Health and well-being

The various benefits of skylights will be outlined in greater detail below. However, it is important to note at this point that any such benefits can only be enjoyed as a result of proper installation of the skylights by an experienced and certified roofing company. Since you are basically cutting into the roof when installing skylights, it must be done expertly in order to avoid any number of related roofing/structural issues in the future.

There Are A Myriad Of Benefits To Installing Skylights In Your Home Or Business

From a general perspective, skylights will provide more light than traditional windows that are set into the vertical walls of your home or office. In addition, skylights can still allow some daylight to enter a room on the darkest and stormiest of days when the light entering from a traditional window may be blocked or obscured by an adjacent building, fencing, or larger trees.

Some of the specific benefits of having skylights installed in your home or office would be:

Energy Conservation

  • Lower hydro bills – more natural light means less need for artificial light
  • Lower heating bills – sunlight penetration add warmth to a room/common area


  • Bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms with north or east exposures may be more comfortable due to warmth and diffuse light from well-positioned skylights
  • Some skylights have the capacity for opening and closing, thereby allowing for better ventilation and air flow, particularly in upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Skylights offer an opportunity to view nature and the skies while sitting indoors
  • Well-positioned skylights can be used to accent a room, atrium, or office lobby

Health and Well-Being

  • Exposure to sunlight can improve moods and energy levels (at home or at work)
  • Sunlight is also known to increase the production of Vitamin D
  • Skylights provide an avenue to enjoy whatever amount of daylight is available, especially for those who spend considerable time indoors and/or during the winter months when daylight periods are shorter

There are indeed many reasons and associated benefits for the installation of skylights in your home or office. Avenue Road Roofing, a leading Toronto roofing company, has the insight and experience to guide you in designing and positioning your skylights and the expertise to install them right the first time.

For skilled skylight installation or repair, call Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to request a free estimate and take that first step toward the many personal and functional benefits that skylights offer for your home, family, and/or business.