Flat Roof Repairs Has Been A Specialty Of Our Toronto Roofers

Flat roofing repairs, on all types of membrane assemblies, has been a specialty of Avenue Road Roofing for four decades.

Our methodical approach in identifying the source of the roof leaks, involves interior building investigation, isolating coordinates, leak travel patterns, and on roof inspection of general conditions and related details such as HVAC, drains, etc.

A general condition assessment of the existing roof, determines the viability, and scope of the necessary remedial work. Our technicians will often conduct core cuts (Considered destructive testing), which identifies insulation levels and type, number of waterproofing layers, and saturation within the assembly. Photographing, measuring, and mapping the roof are investments in time and effort that are necessary steps for ARR’s technicians to be able to determine appropriate solutions.

Depending on the size or nature of the project, sometimes fees may apply for such work. Often those fees are credited to the client in the context of proceeding with a determined scope of work. Clients of multi-facilities, such as condominium corporations, engage this valuable service work to provide for budget considerations, and to develop maintenance strategies over time. Similarly, home owners receive the same skilled attention to their flat roof configurations.

Armed with factual information, a correct solution or solutions can be communicated to the client. When the client has been educated on the viability of their options, they are in a position to make an informed investment decision.

Emergency roof repairs are common requests at ARR. Temporary measures such as portland cement pours to effected areas, pumping water off the building, and emergency tarping for small flats can help mitigate interior damage. Contact ARR’s Service Division for help to deal with such perils at (416)785-5129.

Strategic flat roof repairs are conducted on roof areas of generally larger buildings where leaks have been isolated to a specific region, or regions of the roof. They typically involve replacing a specified roof area and tying the repaired area back into the original or existing roof assembly.

Maintenance repairs are usually conducted as a pro-active measure; they are designed to avoid sudden loss resulting from roof leaks which may serve to damage interior equipment, machinery or office spaces. This approach minimizes interruption to working environments, extends the useable life-cycle of the roof and unforeseen costs associated with roof failures.

Professional facility managers, Property Managers, Building Owners, and Homeowners have trusted Avenue Road Roofing to provide prompt, professional, and proven service for forty years throughout the GTA. Our courteous staff have the knowledge and experience to guide flat roof owners to make prudent, and financially responsible decisions with respect to repair versus replacement.

Avenue Road Roofing also provides expert service on other building envelope maintenance and repairs.

To learn more or request service: Contact ARR at (416) 785-5129 or email us.