Tips To Prevent Ice Damming On Your Roof

Winter brings with it the possibility of ice damming, serious injury and/or property damage. Being prepared can help prevent a disaster and avoid the high cost associated with roof repair or replacement.

There is no single cause or quick solution for ice damming as it largely depends on the circumstances. Some homes may experience ice damming once in twenty years on account of a specific weather event. Others can have repeated problems, due to issues with interior insulation and air leakage.

Here are some tips to help prevent ice damming on your roof:

  • Make sure your eavestroughs are clean and working properly (e.g. not broken, dirty or clogged).
  • Improve intake and exhaust ventilation in the attic to help expel hot, moist, attic air.
  • Testing for points of air leakage (e.g. pipe protrusions through the roof, or top plates of exterior walls that intersect the soffit) is suggested to help prevent cold exterior air from condensing when introduced to the warm interior.
  • Get professionals to remove snow and ice from your roof regularly.
  • Install an ice and water shield membrane at all roof eaves areas (including around skylights, valleys and other areas prone to snow accumulation) making sure that it extends at least 24 inches inside the heated wall (exterior wall).
  • Roof slopes with less than a 4/12 pitch should have ice shield coverage over the entire roof surface.
  • Uneven roof sheathing with dips or hollows should be corrected.
  • Select products like laminate shingles (no cut-outs between tabs) or alternative coverings to limit the potential for ice damming.

Avenue Road Roofing has close to 40 years of industry experience. We can help minimize the ill effects of ice damming.

Disclaimer: No building professional, including engineers, can provide an ironclad guarantee against ice damming. All one can do is address ice damming conditions with the appropriate remedial efforts.

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