Tips for Do-It-Yourself Caulking Jobs

Proper Exterior Caulking Prevents Water Damage and Helps Energy Efficiency

caulking-mainMost people are likely familiar with the concept of caulking, a flexible sealant that sticks or adheres to several different surfaces and remains pliable or malleable long after it has been applied.  It is essentially a material that can be used to fill cracks, gaps, or breaks either within or between those surfaces for a variety of purposes including:

  • To provide a smooth finish
  • To prevent water penetration
  • To improve energy efficiencies

While overall awareness of this material runs high, individual skill/adeptness in actually using it for any or all of the above purposes is entirely another matter.  Countless stories abound of homeowner frustration with caulking tubes and/or caulking guns, to the point where they find some other method, or some other person, to get the sealing job done.

For those individuals willing to attempt a do-it-yourself caulking job, or revisit a previous attempt, the following tips and guidelines may be a helpful resource.

A walk along the respective aisle at a home improvement store will quickly confirm that there are indeed numerous varieties of both interior and exterior caulking.  Each type may have slightly different properties depending on its specific applications however, one of the most important facets to consider, particularly with respect to exterior caulking, is the weather.  To ensure the best possible results, applications should only be done under recommended settings relative to:

  • Optimal air temperature ranges
  • Surface temperatures and conditions
  • Short-range forecast (for drying/curing time)

Once these parameters have been established, the following steps can be implemented:

  • Remove any existing caulking using an appropriate scraper
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the gaps/cracks to be re-caulked
  • Cut the tapered nozzle of the tube to the appropriate width
    • This cut/opening should be made at a 45-degree angle
  • Puncture the inner seal of the nozzle and load tube into gun
  • Run a bead on some cardboard to practice trigger pressure
  • Caulk the target area slowly; apply even pressure on trigger
    • Bead 2-3 feet – smooth with a finger or back of a spoon
    • Moisten finger/spoon in warm water; apply light pressure
  • Clean away any excess caulking immediately yet cautiously

In addition to reducing energy consumption, implementing any of the above actions also offers the following benefits to property owners:

  • Increased comfort in their home or work environment
  • Extending the life of the roof before it needs replacement

Caulking around windows, doors, chimneys, etc. can be a somewhat tedious task yet, if done well, can prevent serious water/structural damage while aiding in energy efficiency.  Homeowners preferring a professional touch for their exterior caulking needs may wish to use the services of a home and roof repair contractor like Avenue Road Roofing.

Exterior Caulking Has Many Uses in Home and Roof Repair and Maintenance

Exterior caulking, when applied correctly and under appropriate conditions, will play a critical role in protecting private residences and commercial structures against water penetration and expensive property damage.

Roofing contractors such as Avenue Road Roofing will commonly use exterior caulking for the following reasons in relation to home and roof repair and maintenance:

  • Filling gaps or cracks between window frames and aluminum siding
  • Sealing joints when installing new eavestroughing or gutter systems
  • Preventing water penetration/leaks around flashing, skylights, vents
  • Sealing expansion joints/control joints in a building’s structural design
  • As an interface within structures made of glass and metal (solariums)

The trained technicians from Avenue Road Roofing fully understand the importance of selecting the correct exterior caulking for every repair or restoration project, as well as good application techniques to ensure the best results.

To evaluate the current condition of your exterior caulking and address any restoration needs, call the caulking experts from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our skilled evaluators.