Things You Should Know About Cedar Roofing

Cedar Roofs: A Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient Option to Asphalt Shingles

An examination of the homes on almost all residential streets will quickly identify asphalt shingles as the most common roofing material.  Whether the originally installed roofs are still intact or some have since been replaced, it is likely that the builders or homeowners chose these shingles because they are effective, reasonably priced, and relatively easy to install as well as.

Still, all of those original roofs will ultimately need to be replaced, as asphalt shingles are known to have the shortest average lifespan among all materials available for residential roofs, in the neighbourhood of 15 to 18 years.  Therefore, homeowners might consider a more cost-effective option, such as cedar roofs, when they require a roof replacement.

Although the initial costs of materials and installation are higher for cedar roofs than for asphalt shingles, there are several longer-term economic and/or environmental benefits in switching to cedar:

Advantages of Cedar Roofs

  • cost-effectiveness – 10+ years longer average lifespan than asphalt shingles
  • energy efficiency – wood is a natural insulator, thus and lowers energy costs
  • eco-friendliness – are made from a renewable resource and can be recycled
  • greater aesthetic/curb appeal – possibly increasing resale value of the home
  • durability – more resistant to damage from hail, high winds, insect infestation

A cedar roof offers a refined and classic appearance, suitable to many different styles of homes.  Cedar shingles are precisely milled with smooth edges and to a thickness of 3/8” to ½” at the butt end.  Installation is also completed in a precise fashion – cedar shingles are laid flat and done in such a manner that there are always three layers of shingles at any point on the roof (similar to asphalt roofs).

This method of installation, and the time required to complete the process, are factors that contribute to the higher initial costs of cedar roofs compared to asphalt roofs.  Other factors that can further influence the initial cash outlay include the following:

  • Quality of the cedar
  • Thickness of the cedar
  • Area or size of the roof
  • Roof pitch/number of peaks

Properly installed cedar roofs can provide effective protection against extreme weather conditions, as well as insulative/energy-saving properties, and high aesthetic appeal.  To achieve these qualities and their related benefits, installation needs to be performed by roofing contractors who are very experienced in working with cedar shingles, such as Avenue Road Roofing, a leading roofing company in Toronto for more than 40 years.

Rely on Certified Roofing Contractors to Install Cedar Roofs for Toronto Homes

Avenue Road Roofing, one of the foremost roofing contractors in Toronto and the GTA, is also one a very few certified members of CSSB, or the Canadian Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau.  This prestigious recognition permits Avenue Road Roofing privileged access to the Certi-label series of cedar shingles, products that are manufactured by CSSB members and recognized for superior performance and high aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, Avenue Road Roofing is also an approved installer for this high-quality brand of roofing material.  Since the installation of cedar roofs requires an experienced roofer with the knowledge to do the job properly and expertly, the endorsements of the CSSB and the manufacturers of the Certi-label line should clearly support the capabilities of Avenue Road Roofing in this regard.

For further evidence of Avenue Road Roofing’s expertise in the installation of cedar roofs, please visit our Cedar Roof Gallery.

To obtain additional information on cedar roofs and their installation, call the certified professionals from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to schedule your no-obligation consultation.  We will be pleased to answer your questions.