The Pros and Cons of a Roof Replacement During the Winter

A Roof Replacement in Winter Weather Has Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Roof Replacement in WintersSimilar to the implausibility of predicting a full series of winning lottery numbers, Toronto homeowners cannot accurately forecast/pinpoint when their roof may need replacement. Consequently, while a majority of roofers would likely prefer to ply their skills in times of warmer or more comfortable weather, their roof replacement services may be required during the harsh conditions experienced in a Toronto winter.

Yes, contrary to some preconceptions and misconceptions, roof replacement work can be done during the cold wind and temperatures of a Toronto winter. And though it may not be the best or most convenient time of the year for a full roof replacement, there can be advantages to having such work done in the winter. Of course, when there are upsides, there will certainly be some downsides too; thus, both sides of that conversation need to be considered, by homeowners and roofing contractors alike, before moving forward with any roof replacement during the cold weather season.

The following is a contrast of the pros and cons of undertaking a roof replacement in the winter. Because asphalt shingles are used for the vast majority of residential roofs in Toronto, this comparison is limited, as applicable, to this type of roofing material only:

  • Advantages of a Roof Replacement in the Winter
    • Prevents any structural issues from persisting or deteriorating further
    • Warmth provided by the home’s heating system can help with adhesion
    • Toronto roofing contractors could be more readily/immediately available
    • Less probability of equipment damage to lawns, gardens, and landscaping
    • Homeowner peace of mind that their roof will now hold up in harsh weather
    • Homeowner peace of mind that their roof is ready for the rainy spring season
  • Disadvantages of a Roof Replacement in the Winter
    • Asphalt shingles are more brittle in the cold – more risk of breaking/chipping
    • Cold temperatures affect compressor airflow; nails may not be driven in fully
    • Valleys are more difficult to replace/install – shingles can crack if bent too far
    • Self-sealing strips may not adhere completely; a means for water penetration
    • Jobs can be more comprehensive; may need snow, ice removal from roof first
    • Roof surface may be/become slippery – increases safety risks; slows progress

Perhaps the most significant factor in determining whether a roof replacement should be done in the winter is an assessment of the possible consequences if the job is postponed until spring. In other words, is it worth the risk of additional damage and cost by waiting until the weather improves compared to the potential benefits gained from completing the work as soon as possible?

In most instances, if the condition of a roof is such that it requires replacement, there is likely a persuasive sense of urgency; consequently, in order to ensure that the work is done effectively and efficiently, especially when confronted with Toronto winter weather, local homeowners would be well-advised to deal with reputable and experienced roofing contractors, such as the team from Avenue Road Roofing.

Skilled Roofers with Extensive Roof Replacement Experience in Toronto Winters

Winter Roofing BenefitsWhen Toronto-area homeowners need a roof replacement, in winter or at any other time of year, there are substantial benefits to utilizing the services of the skilled roofers from Avenue Road Roofing. These professionals have extensive experience in residential roof replacement, including working in cold winter temperatures and conditions, which in turn allows them to:

  • Work quickly and efficiently – and with the proper safety
  • Adequately use tools that can be affected by temperature
  • Appropriately handle shingles in cold temperature settings
  • Install shingles with the right type and quantity of adhesive
  • Use proper methods re: any snow/ice removal from the roof
  • Minimize inconvenience/disruption for the homeowner/family

For further information about the winter roof repair and replacement services offered by the experienced roofing professionals from Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto, please visit our roof repairs page.

If you have evidence or suspect that your roof needs replacement, you can have the job done in the winter and avoid any possible ramifications of delaying until better weather arrives in the spring. Call the roof replacement experts at Avenue Road Roofing today 416-785-5129 or contact us to arrange a roof inspection and obtain a no-obligation quote as soon as possible.