The Most Common Roof Problems That May Confront Homeowners

Common Roof Problems That Usually Need the Services of Roofing Contractors

Identifying Common Roofing ProblemsIt is commonly accepted that buying a home will be the most significant investment that a person or family will make throughout their lifetime. It therefore stands to reason that these homeowners will take the necessary steps to extend the return on that investment for as long as possible while simultaneously protecting the residents and contents within.

This protection includes safety and security measures such as deadbolts, alarm systems, proper electrical wiring, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and more; and although it may be as readily apparent as these other elements, an optimally functioning roof also has a substantial role in safeguarding family members, their home, and their possessions from damage or loss.

For the most part, homeowners tend to take their roof for granted, simply expecting it to fulfill its responsibilities, so to speak, on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a roof typically has a limited lifespan; it will ultimately develop some type of defect/defects that will result in a need for professional services and remedies; regrettably, some such roofing problems and their subsequent solutions can be rather extensive and expensive.

Additionally, there is no predictability to when roof problems can arise; they are as likely to occur in summer as in winter, on a pitched roof as a flat roof, and from mere aging to neglect to acute defects after a major storm.

The following is a list of the most common roof problems that homeowners can face and thus would require the roof repair services of a skilled and experienced contractor such as Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto:

  • Shingles problems (cracked, buckled, loose, missing)
  • Leaks resulting in the penetration of water or moisture
  • Deteriorated or rotted wood – soffit, fascia, and valleys
  • Improper initial installation or subsequent roofing repairs
  • Inadequate or insufficient attic ventilation and/or insulation
  • Poor flashing/caulking around chimneys, skylights, or vents
  • Mold or mildew formation; small animal or insect infestation
  • Ice dam formation (one of the main roof problems in winter)
  • Blocked or incorrectly sloped eavestroughs and/or downspouts
  • Storm damage – heavy rains, high winds, hail, fallen tree branches
  • Ponding/standing water on a flat roof (due to problems with drainage)
  • Post-installation punctures/penetrations e.g. new vents, satellite dishes

Some of the above causes of roof defects or problems can be rather evident while others are more obscured from plain view; in either case however, the importance of identifying and resolving any issues in a prompt and efficient manner cannot be understated when it comes to ensuring the optimal protection of a family and their investment in their home.

This process can be initiated with a comprehensive roof inspection by the knowledgeable roofing specialists from Avenue Road Roofing.

Resolving Common and Uncommon Roofing Problems for More Than 40 Years

Addressing Uncommon Issues With the RoofFor more than 40 years, Avenue Road Roofing has been addressing roofing problems and providing satisfactory solutions for residents of Toronto and the surrounding area. These services include repairs and replacements for residential property owners due to pitched roof defects and for commercial properties that encounter flat roof problems and require immediate solutions/resolution.

And in many cases, regular roof inspections by Avenue Road Roofing have kept repairs to a minimum or helped avoid replacements altogether by identifying/isolating potential or minor problems and implementing the appropriate remedies in an efficient manner.

To learn more about the detailed roof inspections performed by Avenue Road Roofing.

For information on the roof repair services provided by Avenue Road Roofing, including expert leak repairs, visit our roof leak repair section.

You can rely on the professionals from Avenue Road Roofing to address and resolve any and all pitched roof defects or flat roof problems that you may encounter over the life of your roof. Call Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to schedule a complete roof inspection at your earliest convenience and/or to obtain a no-obligation roof repair estimate.