The Importance of Soffits and Why They Should Not Be Ignored

Do Not Overlook the Benefits of Well-Maintained Soffits to Your Toronto Home

What are soffits and why you shouldn't ignore themWhen the topic of discussion turns to roof maintenance and repair, most homeowners would not be faulted if their thoughts/comments focused on the roofing material (usually asphalt shingles) and the eavestroughs or gutters.  In all likelihood, this is probably due to the fact that most people understand the roles of these components in protecting the home from water damage or structural damage.

Less likely understood and perhaps even ignored within an overall roofing system is the role of the soffits, or the undersides of the eaves that extend from the exterior walls of a home to the edges of its roofline.  Yet soffits also play an important role in protecting the integrity of the home and its roof structure and therefore should be given due attention.

Fundamentally, soffits serve two distinct yet vital functions for Toronto’s homeowners:

  • Providing air intake to ventilate the attic and keep the roof surface cool
    • Reduces energy consumption/costs, particularly during the summer
    • Helps extend the longevity/reliability of roofing materials (shingles)
  • Sealing spaces between the rafters/joists to prevent rodent/insect entry
    • Guards against physical damage to roof structure and attic insulation
    • Protects family against unwanted exposure to potential health hazards

Soffits are primarily constructed from one of the following materials: wood, aluminum, or vinyl.  While wood soffits have been a traditional choice for a majority of home builders, this material requires regular maintenance (painting or staining) and is subject to decay over time.  In recent years, vinyl and aluminum have grown in popularity, for new home construction as well as for upgrades to existing homes, due to these properties:

  • Superior durability/longer-lasting
  • Resilient under weather extremes
  • Energy efficiencies (cost savings)
  • Improved airflow/attic ventilation
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Aesthetics/enhanced curb appeal
  • Available in a selection of colours

Based on the protective qualities of soffits plus their financial and aesthetic benefits, it is critically important that homeowners regularly inspect and evaluate the condition of their soffits.  This is true in all cases (rodents can find their way through vinyl and aluminum) but particularly so for those constructed with wood soffits due to the more frequent need for maintenance with this material.

To ensure that their soffits are providing optimal efficiency, Toronto homeowners can perform the following assessments and/or actions:

  • Keep gutters free and clear of debris or blockages
  • Trim tree branches back from the edge of the roof
  • Look for any discolouration (a sign of water damage)
  • Check for peeling paint, areas of degraded/soft wood
  • Inspect and clear grills/air vents of accumulated debris
  • Assess overall air flow (perhaps using a smoke pencil)
  • Address any defects/opportunities for unwanted access
  • Install attic baffles (keep insulation from entering vents)

Soffits indeed play a critical role in the function and integrity of your roof system as well as the overall appearance of a home, and proper maintenance is an important aspect to ensuring their longevity and optimal performance.  If a structural of performance issue is suspected, homeowners should act quickly to prevent any further and needless damage by contracting a reputable repair service such as Avenue Road Roofing.

Avenue Road Roofing has been providing quality roof repairs, including soffit repairs, to residential and commercial property owners within the GTA for more than 40 years, earning a reputation as one of the best roofers in Toronto for top quality service and workmanship.

Extended Warranty Protection from One of the Best Roofers in Toronto

Either through a matter of necessity or by personal choice, homeowners may require the services of a roofing contractor to replace and/or upgrade the soffits around their homes.  Due to the critical importance of proper installation in ensuring optimal efficiency and aesthetics, they will want to hire an experienced and reliable installer for the job.

One such installer is Avenue Road Roofing, recognized as one of the best roofers in Toronto for guaranteeing:

  • Quality work
  • Quality materials
  • Attention to detail
  • Warranty protection

Warranties are a significant aspect to any project of this cost and magnitude, giving the homeowner peace of mind in protecting their investment, both initially and longer-term.  Avenue Road Roofing affords its customers such peace of mind through a dedicated warranty department that is staffed by field supervisors who all have more than 20 years of experience in this aspect of the roofing business.

If you need soffit repair work or want to replace/upgrade your existing soffits, call the professionals from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 for a no-obligation consultation and estimate.