Reading The Fine Print Of A Roofing Company Warranty Is Highly Recommended

A warranty is defined as a written statement that promises/assures the good condition of a product and states that the manufacturer or supplier is responsible for repairing or replacing the item for a specific period of time after its purchase. This type of assurance is often part-and-parcel of a significant purchase or investment in your home or property such as new roofing, siding, windows and doors, or heating and cooling units.

Unfortunately, and all too often, a consumer or homeowner will contact a manufacturer or a service company with a warranty claim only to learn that:

  • The warranty period has expired
  • An additional or extended warranty was required at the time of purchase
  • The seller’s warranty does not cover manufacturer defects
  • The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover improper installation or use

This can lead to an extended, and frustrating, period of communication and negotiation to find a resolution to the specific situation, as well as significant out-of-pocket expenses for the consumer or homeowner to repair or replace the item in question in the interim.

With specific reference to dealing with the best roofing company in Toronto, a more comprehensive type of roofing warranty will address and cover both:

  • Manufacturing defects (materials)
  • Workmanship issues (installation)

However, due to the distinct and separate levels of content, a roofing warranty should not be assumed to be all-encompassing and simply filed away in case it is ever required. It is therefore extremely important to thoroughly review and understand all facets of the warranty, and to ask your Toronto roofing company for a detailed explanation if any clauses or stipulations are confusing or unclear. A great deal of frustration, and expense, can indeed be saved by reading the fine print.

Roofing Warranty Details Will Differ By Manufacturer And By Roofing Company

As seen with the purchase of most other types of goods or services, a roofing warranty will differ based on the manufacturer of the material, the type of material used, and the roofing company selected to perform the installation or repair.

Before signing any agreement with your Toronto roofing company, it is advised that you invest the time to review all aspects of the roofing warranty to ensure your full understanding of its terms and conditions. While both you and the roofing company would certainly hope that a warranty claim is never required, a good practice to follow is the discipline to “never say ‘never’ and never say ‘always’.”

When discussing the roofing warranty with a leading Toronto based roofing company, such as Avenue Road Roofing, it would be prudent to consider the following points:

Manufacturing Defects (Materials)

  • What is the length of the warranty on the roofing materials?
  • Does the warranty vary for other components (gutters, vents, skylights)?
  • If applicable, what does the term ‘lifetime warranty’ actually mean?
  • Is the warranty transferable to the next owner of the home?
  • Are there any limitations to the roofing warranty?
  • What are the circumstances or situations that may nullify coverage?
  • Are labour costs included, who is responsible, and for what percentage?

Workmanship Issues (Installation)

  • What is the length of the warranty on installation of the roof/other components?
  • What are the terms/conditions/limitations of the roofing company warranty?
  • Do they perform an on-site inspection to investigate the warranty claim situation?
  • What is the claim process – contact an internal department or an external agent?
  • Who is responsible for any additional costs of materials, labour, or taxes?
  • Are they willing to assist/support if a claim must be made to the manufacturer?

Roof replacement can be a substantial yet critically important investment in protecting your home and family, and the assurance offered by a roofing warranty is an essential part of the overall process.

The professionals at Avenue Road Roofing fully understand the need for such security and assurance, demonstrated by the availability of a dedicated warranty department to answer any/all questions about your roofing warranty and to support the processing of any claims.

For all your roof replacement questions and needs, along with one of the best roofing warranty policies among Toronto roofing companies, call Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to arrange a consultation or to get a no-obligation estimate.