The Benefits of Properly Caulking Your Siding

Proper Caulking of Siding Can Reduce Energy Costs for Toronto Homeowners

Benefits of Properly Caulking Your Siding in TorontoA walk through the Sealants section of any hardware store or home improvement centre might be a rather eye-opening experience for the so-called uninitiated – as in, who could ever have imagined that there can be the need for that many different types of caulking?  Formulations for interior, exterior, or all-purpose use in a variety of colours for a variety of applications, all neatly lined up tube after tube upon the shelves.

Aside from the fact that these stores may often carry similar products from more than one supplier, there is a particularly good reason to stock such a wide variety of caulking; because it is a vitally important material in the construction and maintenance of a home.

Caulking may often go unnoticed but it plays a critical role in preventing water/moisture penetration and cold air draughts/heat loss from top-to-bottom of the residence.

The various types of caulking offer different functional properties based on their intended purpose and/or area of use.  Some of these specific characteristics will include:

  • Outdoor use
  • Indoor applications
  • High-moisture areas
  • Temperature extremes
  • Use on multiple surfaces
  • Use on non-porous surfaces
  • Paintable (for colour-matching)

The application of caulking is commonplace for roofing contractors, including such uses as sealing around flashing, vents, and skylights, as well as securing eavestrough seams.  But beyond the roof and gutters, caulking is also required with the installation of siding; specifically, caulking must be applied wherever the siding meets window or door frames.

Proper installation and caulking of siding will block the entry of water and hence prevent potential damage to the structural integrity of the home.  In addition, correct installation of siding will also block air penetration – based on the air temperature extremes seen in Toronto and the GTA, this can also help lower heating and cooling costs in the winter and summer respectively.

To ensure the maximum return from such an investment, homeowners considering the installation of siding, either aluminum or vinyl, will benefit from the expertise and quality craftsmanship of the professionals from Avenue Road Roofing.

The Need for Siding Repair Work May Not Always Be Immediately Obvious

If siding has already been installed, its resilience and relatively low maintenance may lull some homeowners into a false sense of security in terms of its overall functionality.  However, like most other aspects of home maintenance/upkeep, some degree of siding repair or replacement may eventually be required.  In many cases, the reasons for such action will be obvious, including:

  • Basic deterioration due to age
  • Fading from exposure to the elements
  • Storm damage from hail or flying debris
  • Impact damage – from ladders, thrown objects
  • Accidental damage (rust stains, smoke damage)

In other instances, however, the need for siding repair may be less evident in nature, notably those times when it is the caulking around the window/door frames that may be failing rather than any concerns with the siding itself.  Therefore, it is recommended that the caulking be inspected at least every five years and should any defects or deficiencies be identified, that repair or replacement work be conducted as soon as possible.

When performing a caulking inspection, it will be important to safeguard the integrity of the siding itself.  In essence, this means that a ladder cannot simply be propped against the house for fear of causing damage to a panel or panels while focusing one’s attention on the condition of the caulking.

To ensure that such an inspection is completed in an appropriate yet careful manner, homeowners may once again choose to call on the siding specialists from Avenue Road Roofing.  The Avenue Road Roofing team will use the proper equipment, in combination with its years of experience, to assess the overall condition of the siding and the caulking and recommend an appropriate course of action should it be deemed necessary.

For expert siding installation or repair for your Toronto home, call the professionals at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to book your no-obligation consultation or for a free estimate.