The Basics of Commercial Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing Offers Attractive Advantages for Commercial, Industrial Properties

A Flat Roof on a Commercial BuildingWhen people hear the expression ‘a roof over one’s head’, it is rather likely that the first image in their mind would be a symmetrically-shaped peak covering a family of stick-like figures.  This is how home insurance companies often present the peace-of-mind that a homeowner can appreciate by having such coverage and, in more literal sense, it is how most individuals view the basic shape of a roof.

But all structures are not private homes and all roofs are not pitched or sloped in design.  For commercial properties such as shopping malls, condominiums, and office complexes, flat roofing is a preferential option for a variety of reasons.

However, before delving into those reasons more specifically, there is an important point that should be clarified – a flat roof is not completely flat, in the true sense of the word.  Flat roofing will actually have a very slight incline to aid with water run-off, although this feature/aspect may not be visible or noticeable to the naked eye of a casual observer.

With that important distinction out of the way, so to speak, there are indeed a number of attractive advantages to installing a flat roof for commercial properties or structures.

  • Structurally easier to install than pitched roofs – lower installation cost
  • Longer lifecycles – less replacement costs in the long-term
  • Durability
  • Provide functional space – to house heating/cooling systems
  • More easily accessible for inspection and maintenance needs
  • Provide usable added floor space – rooftop cafes; green roofs
  • More energy efficient (less unused area below roof to heat/cool)

The cost to install a flat roof will depend on the several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Type of roofing material
  • Complexity of the installation
  • Size or surface area of the roof
  • Type of installation (new or replacement)

For commercial property owners, there will undoubtedly be several aspects to take into consideration with respect to installing a flat roof, whether for a new structure/complex or as a replacement for an existing roof.  In order to ensure that they make an informed decision on the best choice/option for their particular situation, it would be worthwhile to seek the advice of a contractor with considerable experience in installing commercial flat roofing.

One such service provider is Avenue Road Roofing, one of the leading roofing contractors in Toronto for more than 40 years.

Trust the Installation of Commercial Flat Roofing to Experienced Professionals

A Commercial Flat RoofWhile flat roofing offers many advantages for the owners and/or tenants of commercial properties/structures, the extent of any and all benefits are directly related to the quality of the roofing material and the quality of its installation.

Avenue Road Roofing has the experience and expertise to provide commercial property owners with the quality workmanship they want and need for optimal performance from their new flat roof.  The scope of knowledge and skill of the Avenue Road Roofing crews allows them to very capably install, replace, or repair all types of flat roofing for a wide variety of structures and complexes.

The Avenue Road Roofing team will ensure that:

  • All materials are of the highest quality
  • Proper weight-bearing capacity is in place
  • The roof is strong, and watertight
  • There is a degree of incline for water run-off
  • All flashing, seams, edges are properly sealed
  • Materials are installed in line with their warranties

Looking for a leading flat roof contractor in Toronto?  Call the installation specialists at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to book your no-obligation consultation.