Temporary Steps to Take Before Roof Leaks Can Be Professionally Repaired

Steps Homeowners Can Take Until Professional Roof Leak Repairs Can Be Done

Roof Leak RepairIt is likely safe to say that few people have made any plans to deal with a potential roof leak. And although leaks rank very high on the list of commonly-performed roof repairs, especially as roofs age, any amount of water entering a home in this fashion is generally unexpected and unwelcomed; not to mention that it can cause considerable damage too.

For the most part, unless detected in their early stages via professional roof inspections, leaks are typically not discovered until it rains or when rooftop snow accumulations begin to melt. By that time, the only recourse left for a homeowner is to contact an expert in fixing roof leaks, i.e. a roofing contractor; and the sooner the better, as the saying goes.

Unfortunately, under these types of weather conditions, it could be anticipated that more than one homeowner within a given area might need roof leak repairs at the same time and, as a result, contractors may not be available to make service calls for several hours or even until the next business day. And, just to add more stress to such situations, the rains and/or melting snow may not lessen or stop over the course of this waiting period.

So, the question becomes: are there any steps that homeowners can take to temporarily restrict the extent of the water damage until any roof repairs can be done professionally? The short answer is yes, there are, and for good reasons too; keeping in mind that one’s personal safety is overriding in importance, taking one or more of these provisional steps can help homeowners minimize the harm until help arrives:

  • Limit the damage to the interior
    • Inspect ceiling for any spot(s) that are dark or bulging
    • Manually feel for the spot that is the most wet/sopping
    • Poke a small hole in the spot; collect water in a bucket
  • Identify the source of the leak
    • Begin by inspecting the attic (if access to this area permits)
    • Source of leak may not align with the spot(s) on the ceiling
    • Trace water patterns back along rafters, plywood seams, etc.
  • Temporarily contain the issue
    • Apply roofing cement or roofing tape to the inside of the roof deck
    • If weather permits, and only if working at heights is not a concern:
      • Apply roofing cement or roofing tape to topside of the deck, or
      • Cover area with plastic tarp/sheet (use staples or roofing nails)

Temporarily fixing roof leaks can help in immediately resolving acute damage as well as in limiting the extent, and the cost, of subsequent damage to the roof, to the interior of the home, and/or to the contents. But any temporary steps may all be for naught if the cause or source of the roof leak does not receive timely attention and the proper repairs.

These latter concerns can be eased by contacting the knowledgeable roof repair experts from Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto. With more than 40 years of experience with roof installations and repairs, the Avenue Road Roofing team can quickly and capably remedy the situation and help restore the integrity of the roof to acceptable standards.

To learn more about the roof leak repair services provided by Avenue Road Roofing, one of the leading roofing contractors in Toronto and the surrounding area for more than four decades, please check our roof leak repair page.

Comprehensive Roof Inspections to Avoid or Prevent Roof Leaks, Costly Repairs

While the above-noted measures are essentially reactionary in nature, homeowners may be able to avoid roof leaks altogether, or least avert much of the associated repairs, by having comprehensive roof inspections done by the specialists at Avenue Road Roofing.

Temporarily Repair Roof LeakThese experienced professionals have the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Perform thorough roof inspections
  • Identify potential/pending concerns
  • Detect the sources of existing issues
  • Recommend any/all corrective actions
  • Implement the necessary roof repairs

In addition, these services are delivered with quality workmanship and materials, and all roof repairs include appropriate warranty protection on both the labour and the supplies.

For further information on the comprehensive roof inspections performed by the Avenue Road Roofing team, please check our roof inspection page.

Temporary roof repairs can offer short-term results; however more thorough and lasting repairs will ultimately be needed to restore complete integrity to the roof. If you suspect or have evidence of roof leaks that require fixing/repairs, call the roof repair experts at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to schedule a professional roof inspection at your earliest convenience.