Temporary Roof Repairs Can Be A Short-Term Bridge To A Permanent Solution

Roof Repairs TorontoWith colder temperatures having arrived and the availability of daylight hours dwindling steadily, time could be running short to complete some outdoors tasks and chores before the weather settles in for the next few months. Perhaps some of these jobs could wait until the spring but others, like closing a pool or re-caulking windows, must simply get done to prevent larger issues – and unwanted expenses – throughout the winter and into next spring.

But what about roof repairs – should these not be part of a must-get-done list as well? The short answer is yes. Roof repairs addressed at this time of the year, even if they are temporary in nature, can save any combination of aggravation, inconvenience, and out-of-pocket costs over the course of the winter. And sometimes, temporary roofing solutions might be better options – with the realization that they are stop-gap measures that will need to be addressed more thoroughly and extensively within the next six to 12 months.

Temporary roof repairs are basically self-explanatory – they are steps or actions taken by a property owner or a roofing contractor on a short-term/provisional basis to prevent water penetration into a building until the issue/leak can be permanently rectified. The primary reasons for pursuing temporary rather than permanent roofing repairs may be:

  • Budget – sufficient funds might not be available for unexpected major repairs
  • To immediately address acute damage – from weather, animals, or small fires
  • Weather conditions – may restrict the extent of the repair and/or workmanship
  • Gaining time to make an informed decision about the best permanent solution

If temporary roof repairs offer a feasible solution heading into the winter, some of the possible options to address/cover leaks or the damaged areas of a roof would include:

Sheets of heavy plastic

  • Fastened with roofing nails or weighted with bricks/blocks/sandbags

Heavy waterproof tarps

  • More conducive for larger areas of damage than plastic sheets
  • Fastened or held in place in similar ways to the plastic covers

Tar paper (also known as roofing felt)

  • Affixed with plastic cement that can be spread with a trowel
  • Multiple layers (alternating cement and paper) are recommended

Plugging the leak

  • More effective for temporary repairs of flat roofing
  • Powdered material is mixed with water and poured into leak/crack
  • This mixture dries in solid form and dams or plugs the leak
  • Limited period of efficacy – may need to be repeated in a few months

Adhesive patches

  • Designed to adhere to small or localized wet surfaces/areas
  • Best if applied at temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius

While many, if not all, of the above items can be purchased from a do-it-yourself home improvement centre or building materials supplier, it is important that personal safety be kept at the forefront before any temporary roof repair work is attempted. If property owners have any trepidation about moving about on a roof, or are uncertain about the temporary roofing solution that is best for their particular leak/damage situation, they may wish to call upon the experience and expertise of a Toronto roofing contractor such as Avenue Road Roofing.

Roofing Contractors Can Convert Temporary Solutions Into Lasting Roof Repairs

Although temporary roof repairs can offer convenient and less expensive solutions to fixing a leak or other types of acute damage, the specific issue must be addressed on a permanent and long-term basis to prevent far more serious and/or extensive structural concerns and related repair costs.

Once the chosen repair option has served its purpose – and the working conditions and/or budgetary situation have improved – the services of a licensed roofing repair contractor, will need to be secured. The team from Avenue Road Roofing has the capability to:

  • Perform a complete and thorough roof inspection
  • Identify the source/cause of any and all issues
  • Recommend the appropriate actions
  • Complete the roof repair or replacement as needed
  • Deliver quality workmanship and materials
  • Provide warranties on both labour and supplies

A temporary roof repair can help in the short-term but a more lasting/enduring repair will ultimately be needed. Call the roofing specialists at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to schedule a professional roof repair or replacement as soon as the weather and your budget permit.