Summer is the Ideal Time to Refresh Your Home with New Eavestroughs

Regular Eavestrough Cleaning is Important to Overall Home Maintenance

Eavestrough Cleaning and MaintanceEavestroughs and downspouts are critical adjuncts to the roof of any home as they must shoulder the responsibility to carry away rainwater and melted snow/ice on an efficient yet inconspicuous basis.  If this drainage system is functioning properly, there should be little evidence that it is working at all – in other words, the water collected and diverted away from the roof edge will likely not be perceptible to the homeowner.

In order to sustain this peak level of operating efficiency, eavestrough cleaning must be a regular part of overall home maintenance.  Depending on the age of the shingles as well as the type, height, and number of neighbouring trees, eavestrough cleaning may be needed several times during the year to ensure an uninhibited flow of water from the roof to the end of the drainage system i.e.: underground sewers, rain barrels, etc.

As part of their overall commitment to eavestrough maintenance, homeowners should inspect the condition of their gutter-and-downspout system each and every time that a cleaning is performed.  These inspections are vitally important to identifying potential or actual drainage problems that can result in water damage to the roof, soffits and fascia, masonry work required or siding, and/or the foundation of the home.  Inspections should focus on the:

  • Secureness of the eavestroughs to the fascia
  • Proper configuration and alignment of downspouts
  • Seams and corners – intact and free from leakage?
  • Integrity of eavestrough material – holes or rusting?
  • Condition of soffits and fascia (if wood) – mould/rot?

Should any structural or performance issues be suspected or confirmed, it is advisable to secure the services of a professional eavestrough repair or replacement service such as Avenue Road Roofing.  Addressing any problems as quickly as possible will lessen the risk of incurring more extensive and expensive water-related damage, particularly when the winter season returns once again.

In fact, the summer months are an ideal time to replace an eavestrough system that is either not performing up to standards or perhaps has become outdated in comparison to other and more recent upgrades to the home.  The prime reasons for replacing and/or upgrading an eavestrough system during this season include:

  • Weather conditions – easier for installers to move about the roof/property
  • More daylight hours – most installations can be completed in a single day
  • Opportunity for further upgrades (replace wood soffits/fascia for aluminum)
  • Better window of opportunity to configure downspouts for superior drainage
  • Ensures that the home is protected well in advance of the next winter thaw

Homeowners who would prefer a professional eavestrough cleaning and inspection or who are looking to replace their gutter system this summer would find benefit from the services provided by a reputable and reliable contractor such as Avenue Road Roofing.

RainPro Improves Drainage and Protection, Reduces Eavestrough Maintenance

Refreshing a home with an entirely new eavestrough system installed by Avenue Road Roofing can simultaneously improve drainage function and curb appeal.  And Avenue Road Roofing has been approved as one of only a few roofing contractors to distribute and install RainPro eavestroughs for homes throughout Toronto and Southern Ontario.

RainPro eavestroughs have a unique design that incorporates gutters with a 6” capacity while retaining the same appearance as the traditional 5” capacity eavestroughs installed on a majority of homes.  This novel concept separates RainPro eavestroughs from other product lines and offers homeowners several advantages:

  • Faster water flow and drainage during storms, thaws
  • Greater protection for the home against water damage
  • Discreet in physical appearance despite its larger capacity
  • Greater thickness for maximum strength and durability
  • Seamless installation allows for a custom fit to any home

Furthermore, RainPro eavestroughing is available in a variety of colours to add aesthetic appeal and its patented ScratchGuard paint finish is guaranteed not to scratch, crack, or peel, thereby reducing overall eavestrough maintenance.

To ensure that any eavestroughing system operates to its maximum efficiency, it should be installed by certified roofing professionals.  In terms of the RainPro eavestrough line, installation is limited to a select number of contractors – one of these certified installers is Avenue Road Roofing, a leading roofing contractor in Toronto and the GTA for more than 40 years.

For expert eavestrough cleaning and installation service, including certified installation of RainPro eavestroughing systems, call the professionals from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129.

More information available on the extensive eavestrough cleaning and eavestrough maintenance services provided by Avenue Road Roofing for residential property owners.