Steps to Avert the Need for Emergency Roof Repairs this Winter

Precautionary Steps to Ward Off Emergency Roof Repairs over the Winter

ARR-302At the risk of stating the obvious, winter weather will again be descending upon Toronto residents in just a few short weeks.  And regardless of whether local residents enjoy the cold and snow or prefer the heat and humidity of summer, there is a degree of comfort for all families when they are nestled in their homes on a brisk winter day.

Much of this security can be attributed to precautions taken by homeowners to winterize their home and property against the onslaught of bitter temperatures, biting winds, and severe snow or ice storms.  Furnaces are cleaned and readied, weather stripping around doors and windows is inspected for draftiness, and patio furniture is stowed safely in the shed.  But what about the roof – has it been given the pre-winter attention it deserves?

Canadian winters, such as those experienced in the Toronto area over the last few years, can be particularly damaging to residential roofs, to the point where many homeowners have faced the need for emergency roof repairs.  These types of situations have not only created disruption and inconvenience for the families, but they have also affected family budgets at a rather inopportune time of the year.

While homeowners cannot control the weather, they can take some precautionary steps to ward off the possibility of emergency roof repairs that can result from damage due to winter storms.  Such preventative measures would include the following:

  • Ensuring that all gutters and downspouts are firmly fastened
  • Thoroughly cleaning/clearing gutters and downspout junctions
  • Inspecting the attic/insulation for signs of water damage/leaks
  • Checking roof, soffits, and fascia for soft, spongy, rotted areas
  • Inspecting shingles for loose, damaged, or totally missing sections
  • Brushing away any dirt and debris from air intake or exhaust vents
  • Confirming that caulking around flashing, vents, skylights is unflawed

Implementing these actions would essentially represent a self-inspection of the roof prior to the arrival of winter and could certainly help in identifying any roof repair needs that a homeowner should address as soon as possible.  Any such situations can be remedied by the homeowner, if they are so inclined, or done by a professional roof repair provider like Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.

In some instances, depending on the type and extent of the identified problem, Avenue Road Roofing may perform a complete repair while other circumstances might command a temporary solution until more extensive roof repairs can be implemented the following spring.  Whether long-lasting or temporary, any roof repairs done prior to the arrival of the cold and snow can avert the need for emergency service during the depths of winter.

Access to Emergency Roof Repair Service in Toronto Whenever the Need Arises

ARR-302Despite any precautions taken by homeowners, there will be times when emergency roof repairs will be required to protect families and their property, regardless of the season.

For these unexpected circumstances, Avenue Road Roofing maintains a team on standby at all times to ensure that Toronto homeowners have access to professional roof repair services when they need it most.  In cases of emergency, time is of the essence because any unnecessary or unwarranted delays could result in more extensive and more costly roof repairs and perhaps weaken the structural integrity of the roof or of the home itself.

The Avenue Road Roofing emergency response team will provide the following services:

  • Onsite assessment of the source and extent of the damage
  • Determination/recommendation of the most suitable solution
  • A written estimate of the cost – for necessary repair work only
  • Fast and professional completion of the agreed-upon roof repairs
  • Documentation from a licensed contractor (for insurance purposes)

Should the need arise for emergency roof repairs over the coming winter or at any time throughout the year, call the Toronto roof repair experts from Avenue Road Roofing at 416-785-5129 to request the services of our emergency response team.