Soprema Offers Reliable Waterproofing Protection for Flat Roofing in Toronto

In many instances, flat roofing is the preferred style of roof for commercial or industrial buildings and complexes in Toronto.  When contrasted against the aesthetic appeal and functional purposes of the sloped roof of a private residence, a flat roof offers a number of practical advantages to Toronto business owners and/or property managers, such as:

  • Shorter installation times
  • Easier overall maintenance
  • Ease of access for maintenance purposes
  • Energy efficiency
  • Multiple uses – gardens, patios, etc.

On the other hand, due to its straightforward design, a flat roof is more conducive to the collection and pooling of water and hence more prone to leaks.  Such circumstances will not only be disruptive to the normal operations of Toronto businesses and industries but can also present safety concerns for their employees and their customers or clients.

It is therefore very important that flat roofing is installed with an effective water barrier to safeguard the integrity of the roof and provide waterproofing protection for the people and contents within the building.

One reliable manufacturer of flat roof waterproofing barriers or membranes is Soprema, a French-based company that established operations in Canada more than 35 years ago.  The high performance flat roof waterproofing systems designed and produced by the Soprema team offer several advantages and benefits to business owners and property managers in Toronto:

  • Superior protection against water penetration
  • Durability – a service life of 25 to 30 years
  • Resistance to the extreme weather conditions seen in Toronto
  • Exceptional elasticity and flexibility
  • Strong adherence and bonding properties
  • Energy conservation characteristics
  • Waste reduction – recovering of existing systems to prolong service life

Due to the critical importance of an effective waterproofing system for flat roofing, the installation of such a roof and its water barrier/membrane should only be entrusted to an experienced and certified flat roof installer such as Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.

Why Soprema Membranes Are Preferred by Flat Roofing Contractors in Toronto

Without delving too deeply into the chemistry or technology of Soprema’s waterproofing membranes, it would suffice to say that these systems have been demonstrating/proving their durability since the inception of the company in 1908.

Soprema’s waterproofing membranes for flat roofing are constructed with three types of reinforcement, each designed to deliver a specific quality when installed by a certified roofing contractor:

  • Glass mat reinforcement – provides dimensional stability
  • Polyester reinforcement – offers elasticity and is highly resistant to punctures
  • Composite reinforcement (glass mat plus polyester) – has the best resistance to the weather and temperature variations seen in Toronto

Due to these qualities, as well as the numerous benefits highlighted previously, flat roof contractors like Avenue Road Roofing are able to effectively combine the strengths of each type of reinforcement and install a strong, durable, and water resistant/repellant roofing system that can meet the needs of Toronto business owners and/or commercial property managers.

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