Soffit And Fascia Play Important Roles In Overall Roof Maintenance

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When a roofing contractor mentions the words soffit and fascia to a homeowner, the contractor may be met with a blank stare or asked to explain how those terms relate to a roof. While many people have certainly heard of soffit and fascia, they might not be entirely sure where they are found in relation to the roof structure and/or what functions or benefits they might provide.

In a roofing context, soffit and fascia refer to the following:


  • The underside of the overhanging portions (the eaves) of a roof
  • Extends horizontally from exterior walls to outer edges of the roofline


  • A flat, vertical strip that runs horizontally under the edges of the roofline
  • Caps the ends of the rafters and covers the space between soffit and roof

Properly installed and ventilated soffit and fascia provide several functions in concert with the roof itself, as well as tangible and intangible benefits for a homeowner.

These include:

  • Blocking unwanted pests/small animals from entering the rafters/attic
  • Preventing moisture, mould, and mildew from entering the rafters
  • Increased airflow to the attic extends the life of roof materials/shingles
  • Energy efficiency – eliminating heat build-up during summer months can lower air conditioning costs
  • Directing water run-off/drainage away from the exterior walls and foundation by providing a flat surface (fascia) for securing gutters
  • Eliminating any challenges or risks in painting/maintaining difficult-to-reach areas (if soffit and fascia are constructed of aluminum)
  • Completing the look and aesthetic appeal of the home

Although the words soffit and fascia may be familiar to many, the specific purposes of these crucial roofing components can often be overlooked or, in some cases, completely unknown to some homeowners. However, soffit and fascia do play a significant role in protecting the integrity of the roof, the roofing sub-structure, and the building envelope as a whole (exterior walls, siding/masonry, windows and doors, foundation).

Professional installation of soffit and fascia, by a skilled and reputable roofing firm such as Avenue Road Roofing, can enhance the dependability of the roof and the building structure and avert unwanted home maintenance and/or roof repair/replacement costs.

Upgrading From Wood To Aluminum Soffit And Fascia Offers Several Advantages

Although many new or newer buildings may have soffit and fascia made of aluminum, traditional wood construction was often used in older residential/commercial properties.

If the latter is the case, homeowners and commercial property owners or managers may want to convert to aluminum soffit and fascia.

Based on the established functions and benefits of soffit and fascia in general, switching from wood to aluminum can also offer the following:

  • A modernized appearance
  • Reduced maintenance time/costs
  • Improved insulation and energy efficiency
  • A wide variety of colour choices for aesthetic appeal
  • Elimination of existing issues (rotting, mould, stains)
  • Increased property value

The team at Avenue Road Roofing has the skills and experience necessary to install soffit and fascia efficiently and expertly to ensure proper, long-lasting resultsAvenue Road Roofing uses high quality materials from reputable manufacturers/suppliers and places an unparalleled emphasis on complete customer satisfaction.

For expert soffit and fascia installation for your residential or commercial property, call the professionals at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to take advantage of the many benefits of upgrading the look and function of your home or business.