Skylight Installations and Repairs for Toronto and Area Homes

Consider Skilled Roofing Contractors to Install Skylights in Your Toronto Home

New Skylight InstallationThe return of spring provides homeowners and their families with opportunities to enjoy its long-awaited sunshine through a variety of outdoor activities – puttering in the yard, washing the car, playing basketball in the driveway, and any number of other pursuits.  When they cannot be outside, for whatever reason, families will often invite the sunlight into their homes by opening their windows and drapes or blinds as wide as possible.

Much has been said about the positive effect of natural light on one’s mood and outlook.  And many people will often admit to feelings of invigoration that often coincide with the return of bright, sunny days after a bleak Toronto winter that was spent predominantly indoors, behind covered windows and in non-natural-light settings.

But these feelings do not have to be limited to the return of spring weather and daylight savings time.  This can hold true on a year-round basis, the result of installing skylights as part of the roofing structure of a home or office.

Skylights, when properly installed by property owners or professional roofing contractors like Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto, offer several benefits in addition to enriching health and well-being, or to ‘lighting up one’s day’ so to speak.  Added value that can be gained from installing skylights may consist of the following:

  • Energy efficiency – lower heating/hydro costs
  • Aesthetic appeal/accenting of a room or atrium
  • More penetration of unobstructed light than with windows
  • Comfort – from the warmth and soothing nature of sunlight
  • Opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature when indoors

Installing a skylight is not quite as simple as the proverbial ‘sliding of Tab A into Slot B’.  Although there is some similarity to this rather straightforward example, Tab A in this case is a large skylight and Slot B is a hole cut into the roof; therefore, considerably more care and attention must be paid to all aspects of the installation process, including:

  • Selection or location of the installation site
  • Accuracy/precision of the size of the opening
  • Appropriate installation of the frame and flashing
  • Guarding against damage to adjacent shingles/rafters
  • Providing sufficient support for the weight of the skylight
  • Effective seals/safeguards against both water and air leaks
  • Restoration of the ceiling and/or drywall on the interior side

While skylight installation can certainly be a do-it-yourself project for a home or property owner with such an inclination, the risk-reward ratio can be highly skewed to the side of risk; in other words, the levels of penalty (structural damage) and peril (personal injury) associated with inexperienced installation of a skylight could far outweigh the values and benefits as noted above.  Hence, it may be wise to have the installation performed by the experts at Avenue Road Roofing, one of the leading roofing companies in Toronto.

Consult with Toronto Roofing Experts before Choosing a Skylight for Your Home

Two New SkylightsThe decision to install a skylight should not be made rashly or simply on impulse; it is a significant undertaking, in terms of structural renovations to the home and the impact on aesthetics and potential resale value.  The same mindset should be applied to the choice or style of actual skylight to be installed.

Homeowners would be well-advised to research the following characteristics, perhaps in consultation with Toronto roofing experts such as Avenue Road Roofing, before deciding on the fixture that would be most appropriate for their needs and their style of home:

  • Energy efficiency rating
  • Ultraviolet coating options
  • Sound reduction capabilities
  • Ventilation (for releasing heat)
  • Compatibility with the pitch of the roof
  • Heat regulation (remotely-controlled shade/blind)

Consulting with experienced skylight installers, like the roofing contractors from Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto, will allow homeowners to make the best decision for their home and ensure that their skylight will be installed correctly and in a professional manner.

Moreover, the skill and familiarity of Avenue Road Roofing crews with skylight installation will prove valuable to homeowners who may be experiencing a leak or other issue with an existing skylight.  In such instances, the Avenue Road Roofing experts will make an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of the problem and recommend the appropriate corrective action; subsequently, these crews can complete the necessary skylight repairs upon the approval of the homeowner.

Visit our Skylight Repairs page for additional information on the expert skylight installation and repair services provided by Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.

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