Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Roof

Common Signs Pointing the Need for Roof Repair or Roof Replacement Services

Roof Repair ServicesSome homeowners might be of a mind that any corrective actions or repairs in or around their home only need to be addressed when there is evidence of malfunction, failure, or structural damage. Unfortunately for many of these people, when this attitude is applied to their roof system, it can lead to unwanted yet substantial repair or replacement costs.

Waiting until a roof is clearly in need of repair or replacement is analogous to closing the stable door after all the horses have escaped. This is because roof damage often starts slowly, even going unnoticed in many cases, and once there is proof/confirmation of an issue, a significant amount of structural damage has already occurred; in addition, since water has the capacity to travel, so to speak, detecting the actual source of the problem can be rather difficult.

Consequently, any roofing system that has remained unchecked and/or in a non-optimal state for an undue amount of time can result in the need for one or more of the following extensive and expensive repairs or restorations:

  • Removal and replacement of insulation in the attic
  • Resurfacing or replacing interior walls and/or ceilings
  • Rebuilding or replacing the chimney/exterior masonry
  • Reconstruction of the roof deck and structural supports
  • Replacement of the soffit, fascia, gutter system, or siding
  • Eradication of mold and mildew from the attic or dormers

This is why it is so important for homeowners to stay ahead of the curve, in a manner of speaking, when it comes to the upkeep of their roof. To do this effectively, homeowners should be aware of the common signs that a potential concern might exist and that roof repair services could be required.

To that end, the roof replacement and repair specialists at Avenue Road Roofing, one of the leading roofing contractors in Toronto for more than 40 years, present the following list of factors that should prompt homeowners that they might need a new roof system:

  • Roof age – especially for asphalt shingles more than 15 years old
  • Shingle damage – curled, buckled, or blistered, or missing sections
  • Thick granule deposits in gutters – asphalt shingles are deteriorating
  • Deteriorating chimney masonry – cracks in chimney cap, bricks, or mortar
  • Loose flashing around chimney/skylights – dried, cracked, missing caulking
  • Cracks in foundation – gutter system is not properly draining water off the roof
  • Cracked or rotted valleys – due to corrosion or damage to the adjacent shingles
  • Condensation in attic – poor attic ventilation has compromised shingles/roof deck
  • Moss or mildew stains – shingles beneath these areas might be lifted or are rotting

While some of these signs are more readily detectable than the others, they all point to a possible need (or to the inevitability) of a roof replacement; either way, it is important to note that leaks or water damage are not the only reasons why one may need a new roof.

In order to help in identifying the sources of imminent problems, regular roof inspections done at least once and preferably twice a year, are advised; and if one or more existing issues are detected, it is recommended that they be addressed as soon as possible to prevent the development of more extensive damage and roof repair costs.

Regular Roof Inspections Will Help Identify the Need for Repair or Replacement

Roof Replacement ServicesAlthough roof inspections can be performed by the homeowner, the use of a professional roofing contractor such as Avenue Road roofing might be the preferred course of action. The use of their services will eliminate the risk of injury for the homeowner, especially if they are not comfortable working on a ladder and/or at heights, while also providing the opportunity to have a trained specialist assess the complete roof system for conditions or problems that may not be immediately apparent to an inexperienced observer.

Avenue Road Roofing will conduct a comprehensive roof inspection to determine whether the lifespan of the roof can be extended by repair work in a confined area of if a full roof replacement is required. In either circumstance, Avenue Road Roofing will ensure that:

  • Homeowners received a detailed estimate of the work and costs
  • Only top quality products from reliable manufacturers will be used
  • All new materials are installed according to manufacturer guidelines
  • The roof repair/replacement will be done by trained and insured staff
  • The job is covered by product and workmanship warranties/guarantees

For more information on the roof repair and replacement services offered by the experts at Avenue Road Roofing for residential and commercial property owners in Toronto and surrounding area.

Avenue Road Roofing has over 40 years of roof repair and roof replacement experience. For knowledgeable and skilled roof-related services, including roof inspection, repair, and replacement, call the specialists from Avenue Road Roofing at 416-785-5129 today or contact us to request a no-obligation assessment.