Severe Winter Weather Conditions May Have Damaged Your Flat Roofing

The recent winter weather conditions in Toronto and the GTA seemed to last for an eternity. The prolonged cold temperatures, high winds, heavy snowfalls, and ice storms caused extensive damage to trees, power lines, water pipes, roads, etc., and for many property owners, to the flat roofing of their homes or businesses. 

As temperatures have begun to climb, and the ice and snow has melted away, damages to flat roofs have become increasingly evident – and the potential repair costs ever more apparent.

Severe winter weather can be extremely detrimental to flat roofing, relative to both the surface materials and the overall structure of the roof. Some of the more noteworthy cause-and-effect relationships include:

  • Temperature fluctuation – Results in cycles of expansion and contraction causing:
    • Tears in the surface or seams
    • Seals or caulking to dry out, crack, or shrink
    • Flashing to loosen or separate
  • Ice – Adheres to surface coating and tears away protective layers as it cracks, shifts, or slides when temperatures begin to rise
  • Moisture – Penetrates into cracks or loose seams, subsequently freezes, and causes tearing or heaving of the flat roofing surface
  • High winds – Can lift, rip, or tear a loose seam in the flat roof resulting in extensive damage and extensive repair bills
  • Snow/ice accumulation – Can add excessive weight/pressure to the sub-structure of the roof, and lead to leaks from pooling or ponding of water as the snow/ice melts
  • Snow/ice removal – Shoveling, chopping, and/or the use of melting agents can be damaging to the surface material, joints and seams, gutters and downspouts, etc.

Due to the winter weather experienced in Toronto, it would be prudent to conduct a thorough roof inspection of the flat roof of your home or commercial property as soon as possible to determine the extent of any damage and to establish an appropriate repair plan.

Consider The Services Of A Professional To Conduct Your Flat Roofing Inspection

As noted above, weather damage to flat roofing can occur in many different ways and in many different places throughout the roof structure. While some forms of damage will certainly be very evident, other situations could be more subtle in nature, perhaps even unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

Engaging a professional roofing company in Toronto to inspect your flat roof, particularly a firm with extensive experience with inspections and repairs such as Avenue Road Roofing, would be a wise investment in protecting your asset/property from further damage due to water leaks and/or structural failures. 

A professional flat roof inspection can identify repairs needed to address:

  • Depressions or sloping issues leading to pooling or ponding of water
  • Heaving from moisture or ice penetration
  • Damage to gutters and downspouts from ice build-up/blockages
  • Flashing that has been loosened or torn away by high winds
  • Potential issues due to aggressive snow/ice removal or heavy foot traffic
  • Degradation of surface materials as a result of weather cycles or aging

Avenue Road Roofing has performed countless flat roof repairs, and can recommend the best solution for your specific needs.

If your residential or commercial property has a flat roof and you are concerned about damage from the severe weather this past winter, call Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to schedule your thorough roof inspection and to obtain a detailed estimate of potential repair costs.