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Skilled Installation Of Slate Roofs By The Toronto Roofing Experts

Slate ShinglesSlate is often considered the king of all roofing materials. Few can match its classic look, durability, superior wind tear off resistance and fire resistant properties. Made from composite rock, slate shingles are amongst the toughest roofing materials available. Although it may seem like an expensive choice initially, your slate roof will pay for itself in terms of appearance and longevity as it is often referred to as the “100-year tile”.

Slate tiles are a popular choice for many of Toronto’s heritage buildings. Commercial buildings and Residential homes can also benefit from the superior quality and appearance. Many sizes, colours and varieties of slate are available and should be installed by roofers having expertise with this specialized material.

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Avenue Road Roofing has more than 45,000 roofing installations to its credit that include a large portfolio of slate roof repair and restoration projects for homes and heritage buildings. Our experience, and commitment to quality for over 40 years, has resulted in a reputation for being the preferred choice for slate installation.

The Advantages Of A Slate Roof:

  • Available in a variety of sizes, natural colors and thicknesses enabling you to closely match your architectural and design requirements
  • Proven to withstand all kinds of weather
  • Typically not susceptible to mould or fungus
  • Slate shingles may be recycled in the event of roof repair or replacement work
  • Environmentally friendly option

Some important points about slate roof installation:

  • Since slate is much heavier than standard shingles, your roof may need reinforcement to carry the extra weight.
  • Ask to see the many available colours and patterns – keep in mind that copper metal work goes well with slate.
  • Make sure the slate tiles are installed with copper or stainless steel nails that resist corrosion.
  • If you need a slate roof restoration, but are concerned about the cost, ask about a ‘progressive restoration’ which involves doing one slope per year or replacing individually damaged or cracked slates.
  • Copper, leaded copper or stainless steel are the preferred metals used when completing slating works.

Slate RoofsAvenue Road Roofing has knowledge and experience for installation of slate roofs. Many older buildings in the GTA that have slate tile roofs restored by us, stand testimony to our quality of work. Included in our list of slate projects is the Harbour Commission building on Toronto’s waterfront.

Contact us at 416-785-5129 to request an estimate for slate roof installation or please fill out our estimate form.

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