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Expert Skylight Installation For GTA Homes And Buildings

Well-positioned and properly designed skylights can make a significant difference to the look, feel and value of your home or commercial building. Since 1974, Avenue Road Roofing has provided competent installation of skylights and roof windows in homes, offices and commercial applications, providing increased light and aesthetic value. Several builders today are making them an integral part of their architectural design.

Skylights Present Four Important Benefits:

  • Allow more natural light into your building and open up the space to make it seem bigger
  • Reduce energy usage (thermal glass roof windows) and utility bills by providing natural daylight which also helps to heat the building with sunlight in the winter
  • Enhance health and wellness by exposing you to more natural light instead of electrical lighting
  • Improved ventilation by using opening skylight units, often a preferred choice in bathrooms or bedrooms.

A skylight can be installed almost anywhere in your home or commercial building. If you want a more economical option, sun tunnels may be a suitable alternative. These are less expensive as they can be fitted between existing rafter spaces (residential only).


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Our crew at Avenue Road Roofing are among the best trained in the Greater Toronto Area, offering professional skylight repair services. We can help you choose the best locations for your skylights while ensuring a seamless installation that’s on time and within your budget. We use top quality materials from trusted manufacturers like Velux to ensure long-lasting results.

Experience The Avenue Road Difference

  • We ensure skylights are raised off the roof (curb-mounted).
  • We put in proper membrane, step flashings and weather stripping. This prevents wind noise and thermal movement as well as providing a weather tight seal.
  • We complete the structural reinforcement necessary to accommodate skylight installation.
  • We provide expert installation of metal flashing details for skylight curb.

Select Skylights with UV protection

Prolonged exposure to light may discolour a carpet or furniture. The solution is to order a skylight that is tinted or has UV protection. You can also control light exposure with an electrical blind equipped with a remote control.

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