Green Flat Roofing

Green Flat Roofing Turns Useless Space Into Useful Green Space

Green Flat RoofingHave you ever considered what would happen if your flat roof was turned into a green roof? It’s a great way to turn useless empty space to valuable green space while also achieving several important environmental benefits, including reduced water run-off, reduced energy demand, creation of natural habitat, reduced air pollution, reduced heat island effect and improved air quality.

The economic benefits are equally numerous: reduced cooling and heating costs, increased living space, increased building value, extended roof life and reduced indoor noise.

Municipal governments are big supporters of green roofing because it increases property values, creates “green jobs” and reduces the carbon “footprint”.

Grants for Green and Cool Roofs

The City of Toronto’s Eco-Roof Incentive Program promotes the installation of green and cool roofs on Toronto’s existing residential, industrial, commercial and institutional buildings and new buildings not subject to the Green Roof By-law.

  • Eligible green roof projects will receive $75 / square metre up to a maximum of $100,000.
  • Eligible cool roof projects will receive $2 – 5 / square metre up to a maximum of $50,000.

Applications are currently being accepted for green and cool roof projects. Building owners undertaking eco-roof projects can apply to the City for funding. Applications must be submitted before work on the roof commences.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the Eco-Roof Program Coordinator in advance of their application to discuss their proposals (Annemarie Baynton: or 416-392-1848).

The Green Flat Roofing Revolution

Here in Toronto, the green flat roofing revolution is being led by Avenue Road Roofing and its valued partner, Xero Flor, one of North America’s leading suppliers of green roofing design, installation and maintenance. Our most recent joint effort was the construction of a green roof for the Drum Artz Centre in Toronto, a charitable project that was featured in an episode of Green Force, aired earlier this year on HGTV.

Avenue Road Roofing managed the project from start to finish. Step one was to complete engineering studies on the existing roofing and the new roofing required for the Xero Flor 301 System, selected because of its light weight.

The Construction Project, Completed By An Avenue Road Roofing Crew, Involved:

  • Removal of the existing roofing
  • Installation of a:
    • New 2-ply modified bitumen membrane roof
    • Poly ethylene barrier
    • Water-repellent fleece layer
    • Vegetative cover with 13 different plants

“We welcomed this opportunity to perform an important community service and strengthen our working relationship with Xero Flor,” said Craig Bennett, Deputy Executive Director for Avenue Road Roofing. “Our goal is to be Toronto’s premier supplier of green roofing for homes and commercial buildings.” Sasha Aguilera, Operations Manager for Xero Flor, said the Drum Artz project is a good case study of what’s possible when Xero Flor and Avenue Road Roofing join forces. “You are getting the best green roofing and the best roofing company all at the same time,” said Ms. Aguilera.

Is green flat roofing right for you? Get the answer by contacting us today online or call 416-785-5129.

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