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Professional Roof Related Carpentry Services For Your Property

Custom CarpentryThe roofing trade not only involves the activity of waterproofing exterior surfaces, it encompasses a number of related disciplines which are necessary components of a properly executed project.

Carpentry work represents a common element associated with roof construction. After undertaking the removal of existing roofing materials, the exposed substrate (deck) is visible, and often is found to have rotted wood needing replacement.

Below the substrate are supporting roof rafters which support the load of the roof structure, the waterproofing materials, and the weight of any snow, ice, HVAC equipment, or pedestrian traffic as found on many residential or commercial flat roofs.

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The carpenters at Avenue Road Roofing are skilled in completing the necessary structural repairs, prior to application of new waterproofing materials. On flat roofs, the ability to improve roof drainage by “cricketing” (sloping) the roof to flow toward drains, is most cost effectively handled by making structural changes through carpentry.

Similarly, sloping roofs which exhibit warped deck surfaces, or extreme undulation, serve as warnings that cracked roof rafters may be present, or that condensation has effectively degraded the decking over time. Shingle manufacturers require that a sound and even, deck be present for their warranties to be in effect.

Many GTA homes have architectural details involving natural wood finishes such as tongue & groove soffits, porch under-hangs, and related fascia boards, freize moldings, or dentil work trim. The ARR carpenters are experienced at replacing and repairing these aesthetic character details.

Carpentry TorontoMany residential flat roofs in our city are utilized as effective living spaces, when retro-fitted with fixed or modular wood decks and railing assemblies. Any flat roof having an access/entry door is required to have a secure railing around its perimeter, meeting building code compliance. This important safety element involves constructing finished railing heights at a minimum of 42” high. Pickets must be spaced no more that 4” apart. Ideal finish detail involves using premium western red cedar lumber, which naturally repels inspects and is known for durability.

Privacy fences which serve to create division on semi-detached homes that share flat roof areas, or on detached homes where safety and privacy are desired, represent further elements of deck construction on roofs.

ARR can coordinate both the installation of a superior roof assembly and a beautiful exterior roof terrace which adds value, and provides the consumer with one source responsibility.

Contact Avenue Road Roofing to have a carpentry specialist provide practical design ideas, and cost information to complete any of the services described in this article.

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