Cedar Roofs

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The attractiveness and durability of cedar roofs has made them a popular choice for residential and commercial buildings.

There Are Clear Advantages To Having A Cedar Roof Which Include:

  • Rich, warm colours look great in any environment
  • Excellent insulating capabilities can help significantly lower your energy bills
  • Fairly lightweight when compared to asphalt shingles
  • Able to withstand high winds

Quick Tip: Expert installation is imperative to ensure the most from your investment in a cedar roof.

Cedar Roofs

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Avenue Road Roofing has the expertise to install cedar shingles and shakes. We ensure that quality materials are used and that installation is carried out by our trained and experienced installers.

***As one of the few certified members of the Canadian Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (CSSB), we have privileged access to the industry-leading Certi-label™ cedar shingles which are known to deliver aesthetic appeal and superior performance. These products are manufactured by experienced craftsmen (CSSB members) who take pride in their trade and the quality of their product.

Avenue Road Roofing is also an approved ‘Certi’ installer. We are committed to applying cedar shakes and shingles to roofs and walls in accordance with application standards established by the CSSB (or to stricter standards if required by local building codes).

The Life Expectancy Of A Cedar Roof

The Life Expectancy Of A Cedar Roof Is Typically 15-30 Years. However, Durability Typically Depends On:

  • Age and environment of installation area
  • Quality of wood
  • Installation quality
  • Maintenance performed
  • Foot traffic
  • Amount of overhanging trees

Cedar ShinglesThe CSSB administers a limited product warranty on behalf of its manufacturing members. The length of this limited warranty is for either 20 or 25 years, depending on the product type.

When you choose a cedar roofing contractor, note that those who have achieved Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Approved Installer status have been approved only as a result of a detailed inspection of completed work by the bureau and undergone a reference call investigation. Avenue Road Roofing is one of the few to achieve this distinction in the Greater Toronto Area. Only approved installers like us are able to offer the Manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty administered by the CSSB. Another significant benefit is that we take full responsibility for our workmanship and for ensuring that products are installed to applicable standards.

Contact us at 416-785-5129 to request an estimate for cedar roof installation or please fill out our estimate form.

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