Attic Ventilation Services

Attic Ventilation Services By Professional Toronto Roofers

The right amount of attic insulation and ventilation helps make your residential or commercial building more energy-efficient and prevents issues like ice damming and mold.

Did you know that shingle manufacturers also require balanced attic ventilation to validate their material warranties?

Attic Ventilation

What Is A Balanced Attic Ventilation System?

A balanced ventilation system involves having continuous intake (usually at the soffit area) which introduces air flow designed to push hot, moist attic air out of the roof ventilators typically located near the peak of the roof (referred to as exhaust ventilation).

Note that having the correct amount of insulation and air flow not only makes for more equitable temperatures in your living or work space, it also contributes to the longevity of your roof.

As a trusted roofing company, Avenue Road Roofing (ARR) takes full responsibility towards correct installation and adequate attic ventilation. We ensure that all work is done in accordance with manufacturer standards. Additionally, we apply our roofing and building envelope experience to solve many of your other ventilation problems.

How Can Avenue Road Roofing Improve Attic Ventilation?

As part of installing a proper roof venting system, ARR can install baffles at the eaves area of the roof, under the sheeting or roof boards. This prevents insulation from impeding the path of air induction at the eaves area of the roof.

Attic Ventilation TorontoOften, homes are designed with roof rafters pocketed between the brick work (usually identified by having very short under-hangs, tongue and grooved wooden soffits, etc.). It then becomes necessary to remove bricks between the rafter spaces, to allow air to enter the attic. This provides an opportunity to install new, continuously vented aluminum soffit panels on the under-hang, which also contributes to a low maintenance exterior.

If preserving natural wood under-hangs is preferred, individual grill vents may be installed to cover the brick voids.

With regard to exterior insulation, ARR can provide upgrades in R-value and thermal efficiency by installing increased levels of insulation in flat roof assemblies. We can do this on dormer side walls, gable end walls, and house walls by installing Tyvek insulating wrap and thermal styrene insulation. This can be combined with the installation of vinyl or designer-type siding products which also serve to modernize or upgrade the appearance of a home’s exterior.

Do you suspect that you have an attic ventilation problem?

Avenue Road Roofing can perform a low-cost inspection to determine the type of attic ventilation work required in your residential or commercial property.

Additional Services

At ARR, we believe in educating property owners about different components in their building envelope which may require attention. This can help them take the necessary corrective steps to prevent pre-mature roof failure, or complications which can mirror roof leaks (such as ice damming). Inconsistent levels of insulation in the rest of your building can also contribute to causing similar problems as experienced with incorrect insulating and ventilating of attic spaces.

The best way to judge the amount of air flow is to have proper testing done. This can only be done by credentialed building envelope specialists.

Avenue Road Roofing can recommend approved vendors, who are experts in the field of interior insulation, air sealing, and building envelope science. Based on our long-standing relationships we can work in tandem with these specialists to provide a complete package for the benefit of our customers.

Investing in proper air sealing (as part of a complete strategy to introduce proper ventilation) and installing sufficient levels of insulation results in a home being thermally efficient and using less energy. In addition, indoor air quality may also be improved.

The good news is that investing in many of these energy retro-fits may help you qualify for the ECO-Energy Grant Program.

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