Flat Roof Repair Service

Sloped and Flat Roof Repair Servicing the Toronto Area

Residential and commercial clients have relied on Avenue Road Roofing’s dependable flat roof repair services for over 40 years. Of great value is our roofing diagnostic report, which helps accurately pinpoint areas in need of repair.

Our Proven 5-Step Process Involves:

  • Dispatching qualified technicians or estimators for needs assessment
  • Determining a viable, cost-effective solution (where possible) to extend the lifecycle of the roof
  • Providing a scope of work in writing which details the work to be performed
  • Explaining (and demonstrating where applicable) what work we will perform on your roofing and related systems
  • Execution of larger repairs by specific trade professionals from our production division, who will work in accordance with the written instructions provided by the project’s initial evaluator

We provide customer value by providing a solution which gives a sustained results. Most repairs can be completed in one or two days (from project commencement) on residential applications. Commercial flat roof repairs may take longer depending on the size and scope of the project.

Flat Roofing Toronto

Commercial flat roofing repair is a specialized field requiring considerable expertise and experience. Avenue Road Roofing has performed literally thousands of such repairs over the past four decades. As a result, we are a preferred roofing service provider for engineers, property managers, facility managers, business owners, and insurance-related professionals across the Greater Toronto Area.

Destructive Or Non-Destructive Testing

Sometimes it is necessary to perform destructive or non-destructive testing to determine the source of leaks. If our initial project assessment determines that this service is required, we will either charge a fixed cost for performing such work or base it on time and materials, (if applicable).

This puts our clients in control as they can make an educated decision with respect to allocating resources towards strategic repair or roof replacement. In addition, our commercial division can also service most of your other building envelope repair needs.

Urgent And Small Roof Repair Services

This emergency roof repair division within Avenue Road Roofing provides a popular service for our clients who require a small scope of work to be performed, or have periodic maintenance requirements.

Roof Repairs Toronto

Dedicated service technicians are centrally dispatched to perform remedial work on the spot. If a larger scope of work is determined, then we provide written recommendations and assign it to our installation division.

As a timely and cost-effective approach to minor exterior building issues, our small service division can attend to the following requirements:

  • Repairs resulting from animal intrusion into attics, soffits, roof-related damage
  • Metal flashing repairs such as chimneys, walls, skylights, valleys
  • Sealing pipe penetrations
  • Vent replacement/upgrades
  • Eavestrough cleaning/un-clogging down pipes
  • Emergency shingle repairs
  • Caulking/re-sealing vulnerable areas
  • Leaf screen installation
  • Replace small gutters
  • Bathroom exhaust vent hook up
  • Investigation of major roof/attic concerns
  • Snow removal from roofs
  • Ice dam remediation
  • Emergency tarpaulins and battens
  • Leak mitigation

We accept all major credit cards and low-interest financing is also available for jobs exceeding $500.

Contact us at 416-785-5129 to request an estimate for roofing repairs or fill out our estimate form.

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