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Masonry Repairs For Residential And Commercial Properties In The GTA

The masonry specialists at Avenue Road Roofing can skillfully restore your building’s exterior. With extensive experience and training, we deliver a superior finish and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Masonry damage such as crumbling brick or a cracked chimney can lead to serious structural damage and expensive repairs. Is your home more than 10 years old? If so, complete a visual inspection of your chimney, window sills, doorways, garage doors and piers. Crumbling and damaged brick faces or white (lime-like) marks on exterior surfaces are signs that you may promptly need masonry repairs.

Common Masonry Repairs

  • Damaged brick and tuck pointing: It is not uncommon for homeowners to report “roof leaks” that are actually the result of damaged masonry as moisture can enter through damaged bricks. Tuck pointing, is the repair of damaged bricks which involves grinding out degraded mortar joints, sawing out and/or replacing shaled or spalled bricks, and re-mortaring the damaged joints.
  • Chimney restoration or rebuild: If you have a brick chimney and it requires extensive restoration particularly near the base of the roof, it is most likely best to remove the existing chimney and rebuild it. This process often involves replacing the clay flue tiles inside the chimney and installation of a pre-formed or pre-cast cement cap, that is designed to shed water away from the top of your chimney.

Avenue Road Roofing Will Take Care Of Your Masonry Needs Including:

  • Chimney repair or rebuild
  • Brick replacement
  • Parapet walls
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Tuck pointing
  • Repair of window sills (brick or stone)
  • Flagstones
  • Formed concrete (porches, stairs, walkways, retaining walls)

Don’t wait until a small issue turns into a large structural problem. Get it fixed by the masonry experts at Avenue Road Roofing as soon as possible.

Contact us at 416-785-5129 to request an estimate for masonry repairs or fill out our estimate form.

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