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Professional Flat Roof Repairs In Toronto

Commercial and residential clients in the Toronto area have trusted Avenue Road Roofing for forty years to provide comprehensive diagnosis and determine if flat roof repairs are needed.

Flat roofs repaired by Avenue Road roofing

Here are some ways to determine when your flat roof needs repairs:

Tar And Gravel Flat Roofs

Knowing what to look for can help prevent extensive damage to your roof and building.

These Include:

  • When the gravel begins to separate from the asphalt, you will see a sandy residue on the surface that appears muddy or dirt-like when scraped
  • Blisters in the surface
  • Evidence of tears or fissures in the membrane
  • Algae or moss growth
  • Active leaks
  • Internal stains
  • The appearance of exposed felt layers

Modified Bitumen Flat Roofs

Some warning signs are:

  • Debonded seams at laps of the material or at perimeter edges
  • Blisters or wrinkles which may be caused by incorrect application and not fully bonding the membrane
  • “Alligatoring” (the roof looks like alligator skin)

Other Reasons For Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof

Skylight Issues

Flat roof mounted skylights can often be the source of a leak. This occurs because wind-blown snow can be forced into frames that don’t have a proper membrane and metal flashing detail. Inspect your flat roof for moisture between the panes of the acrylic domes or the glass on the skylight units.

Flat Roof


Faulty drainage is also one of the common causes of flat roof damage. Accumulation of rain water, ice or snow could cause your roof to leak and in the worst case, even cave in. This issue can be addressed by using tapered insulation systems or by re-structuring the roof substrate to achieve proper drainage. Adding roof drains is also an option in some flat roof configurations. Note: All flat roofs inherently retain some amounts of water. Improving drainage on flat roofs helps extend the life of most roof assemblies and helps lessen the live load on the roof structure.

Avenue Road Roofing has years of experience with flat roof repairs in Toronto. Our expert solutions can help you make the most of your roofing system.

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