Section-by-Section Flat Roof Repairs for Commercial Properties

Section-by-Section Flat Roof Repairs Can Avoid Upfront Cost of a Full Replacement.

Section By Section Flat Roof RepairsFor owners and/or managers of commercial properties, the replacement of a flat roof can pose quite a dilemma – how to have the work performed in a time-efficient manner with the least disruption or inconvenience to the occupants and/or businesses that are housed below.  Furthermore, this work may not be entirely affordable when such roofing company services are needed, causing the plan to be postponed altogether and adding a level of complexity to the situation, not to mention the possibility of safety issues and/or further costs.

Fortunately, since many commercial flat roofs are being constructed using sheets of various membrane materials (e.g.: thermoplastic, synthetic rubber, or modified bitumen) that are sealed along the seams and edges, it is possible to have flat roof repairs done section-by-section in order to restore integrity and to protect the building’s occupants and visitors.

Furthermore, there are several economic advantages to implementing flat roof repairs on a section-by-section basis; these short-term and long-term benefits would include:

  • Avoiding upfront costs of a full replacement
  • The flexibility to begin the repair work sooner
  • Prioritizing the repairs based on level of urgency
  • Reducing the prospects of more expensive damage
  • Ability to budget and manage costs more effectively
  • Financing might not be an option for a full replacement

It is important to note that this type of section-by-section work should only be entrusted to qualified Toronto roofers who are knowledgeable in flat roof installations and repairs; one Toronto roofing company that satisfies these standards is Avenue Road Roofing, with more than 40 years of experience with commercial flat roofing.

Specializing in the Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of Commercial Flat Roofs

Commercial Flat Roof RepairsAmong the roofing contractors based in Toronto, the installation, repair, and maintenance of various commercial flat roof systems is an area of specialization for the crews from Avenue Road Roofing.  The flat roofing services offered by Avenue Road Roofing include but are not limited to:

  • Visual (onsite) roof inspections
  • Written inspection reports/documentation
  • Testing (both destructive and non-destructive)
  • Maintenance assessments and program recommendations
  • Repairs to all flat roof materials (membranes, sheet metal, etc.)
  • Roof replacements in alignment with manufacturers’ specifications

Avenue Road Roofing recognizes and values the importance of time efficiency and minimal disruption/inconvenience for the occupants and patrons of commercial properties; therefore, these skilled Toronto Roofers will ensure that any/all of their flat roof services are performed with the following:

  • Quality workmanship
  • Up-to-date technology
  • The best quality materials
  • Appropriate safety measures
  • Workplace insurance coverage
  • General liability insurance coverage

To learn more about the capabilities of Avenue Road Roofing in the repair of commercial flat roofs, go to our Flat Roofing page.  

Are you in need of an experienced and affordable roofing company to repair or replace the flat roof of your commercial property?  Call the specialists from Avenue Road Roofing, one of the leading roofing contractors in Toronto, at 416-785-5129 today or Contact us for a no-obligation quote on repairing your commercial flat roof on a section-by-section basis.