Seasons In Toronto Necessitate Eavestrough Inspections, Cleanings, And Repairs

ARR 1242One of the more important contributing factors to good overall home maintenance is an effective eavestroughing system. This gutter system not only carries away rain water and melted snow from the roof of the home, but it can also prevent potentially serious water damage and expensive repair work to other exterior parts of the home, such as:

  • Soffits and fascia
  • Masonry and aluminum siding
  • Windows and frames
  • The foundation

Unfortunately, the eavestroughing of a home can be ignored, albeit in an inadvertent manner, within the spectrum of general maintenance activity. Because it is located in an essentially out-of-sight position along the roof edge, eavestroughing may not receive the attention it deserves, especially if it appears to be functioning appropriately. Often, gutter repair and/or replacement may only be done after a fairly catastrophic event has occurred – which is usually too late, not to mention quite expensive to resolve.

But this type of extensive repair scenario could be avoided if homeowners dedicated a little time and attention to the gutter system with respect to its general maintenance, specifically consisting of:

  • Regular inspections during the year
  • Thorough and proper cleaning
  • Performing timely minor repairs

Due to the seasonal and frequently extreme weather conditions experienced in Toronto, eavestroughing cleaning should be performed at least twice yearly, especially before and after the winter season. It could also be beneficial if this frequency was increased to include inspections after major rain, hail, snow, or ice storms to ensure that any part of the gutter system did not sustain acute damage that needs immediate repair or action.

These inspections should coincide with a thorough cleaning of the gutter system; even though only a few weeks might have passed since the last cleaning, it does not take long for the wind, rain, snow, and/or sun in Toronto to create and deposit dirt and debris in the eavestroughing of a home. There are several ways to remove this dirt and debris, either performed from a ladder propped against the home or by walking along the edge of the roof itself. Such options for removing the debris would include:

  • A power/pressure washer
  • A garden hose and a soft brush/broom
  • A small plastic trowel, shovel, or scoop
  • Manual (preferably with rubber gloves)

Should an inspection identify the need for minor gutter/eavestrough repair work, homeowners can and should address any issues quickly to prevent further or more extensive damage.

Usually, such eavestroughing problems consist of:

  • Small or pinhole leaks
  • Cracked or missing sealant
  • Separated seams
  • Loose gutter spikes

and homeowners can repair these issues by taking one or more of the following steps:

  • Cleaning the affected surface with a wire brush or sandpaper
  • Sealing leaks or rusted areas with roofing cement
  • Re-caulking split or separated seams with a rubber-based compound
    • Ensure that the compound is effective for Toronto temperatures
    • Apply liberally with a caulking gun, in and around the seam
  • Patching holes with:
    • A screen patch and roofing cement, or
    • A fiberglass patch and resin adhesive, or
    • Sheet metal, rivets, and a rubber sealant
  • Re-securing or replacing gutter spikes (if condition of the fascia allows)

The importance of seasonal inspections, cleaning, and repair of an eavestroughing system cannot be overemphasized. Should any level of hesitation exist on the part of the homeowner, from a lack of confidence, a lack of the proper tools, or the standpoint of personal safety when working on a ladder or on a roof, it would be advisable to consider the services of a professional eavestroughing contractor such as Avenue Road Roofing.

Professional Eavestroughing Repair And Cleaning For Toronto Property Owners

Using a reputable roofing firm like Avenue Road Roofing to install, inspect, and repair your eavestroughing provides several benefits in terms of your overall home maintenance. As a result of our vast experience, garnered from servicing homeowners in Toronto for more than 40 years, we offer the following relative to your eavestroughing needs:

  • Alleviating any personal safety concerns
  • Efficient gutter installation, cleaning, and repair
  • Knowledge of the sloping angle needed for proper drainage
  • Identification of secondary or related roofing or drainage issues

If your gutter system is not draining sufficiently or effectively to handle the demands of the seasons in Toronto, call the eavestroughing experts at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to schedule a service visit as soon as possible to determine the repair or replacement work that might be required.