Routine Roof Maintenance Makes Good Financial Sense

Many home and business owners don’t think about their roofs until a problem develops.

Like an automobile, roofs and their related components such as chimneys, skylights, and eavestroughs need periodic checking and routine maintenance. Although easily over-looked, protecting the fifth wall of what for many, is their largest asset; it makes good financial sense.

Professional facility and property managers, and multi–property owners have concluded from their experience, that it is better to resolve small issues sooner, rather than later.

For homeowners, an annual visual inspection is recommended to include the roof, guttering system, the attic, exterior walls surfaces including the windows, foundation areas, and masonry areas such as chimneys, stone facades, or concrete window sills.

Safe access for many consumers is difficult and not suggested for steep slopes, or elevations above one storey. This assumes one knows what to look for. Call on the professionals at Avenue Road Roofing who can inspect and identify any issues of maintenance or repair. We provide comprehensive inspections, and will clearly explain, and demonstrate the items needing attention. Many clients are pleased to learn that all elements are in good order.

Where work is required, technicians provide written recommendations with pricing clearly detailed, and payment options available to suit most any budget.

Available Residential Maintenance Services Include:

  • Re-sealing dried out, or void caulking on roof flashings, window perimeters, and leaking eaves trough miters.
  • Cleaning gutters, re-securing them, improving sloping, and clearing clogged down pipes
  • Rejuvenating corroded or detached metal roof flashings
  • Replacing missing shingle tabs or curled shingle runs
  • Replacing damaged roof valleys
  • Repairing missing slate tiles or cedar shingles
  • Inspecting and repairing flat roofs
  • Attaching or replacing damaged flat roof metal
  • Clearing flat roof drains
  • Removing excess ice accumulation and snow removal on flat roofs to mitigate structural deflection
  • Removing snow or ice from sloped roofs mitigating liability and helping resolve ice dams
  • Cleaning and repairing skylights
  • Tuck-pointing voids in mortar joints on brick or stone facades, chimneys and walls
  • Installing Micro-guard leaf protection screening


Available Commercial Maintenance Services Include:

  • All services detailed above
  • Commercial flat roof surveys/reporting and prioritization programs
  • Commercial flat roofing maintenance programs
  • Condominium and Co-operative Housing maintenance programs
  • Roof anchor inspections
  • Heritage roof and related maintenance programs

Contact Avenue Road Roofing to arrange for your residential or commercial maintenance evaluation, or to have such work completed. Simply call (416) 785-5129