Roof Carpentry Services

Roof Carpentry Services May Be Part-and-Parcel of Roof Repair or Replacement

Wooden RooftopsExposure to the weather extremes throughout the four seasons in Southern Ontario can play havoc with the physical state of most outdoor or exterior surfaces.  With the same eventuality that driveways need restoration, gutters need repainting, and decks have to be resealed, roofing materials will likely require replacement at some point in time.

In some instances, particularly with asphalt shingles, Toronto roofers can remove the old materials and secure the new shingles within the span of one to two days, depending on the size, shape, and intricacies of the roof structure.  Unfortunately, this rather simplistic approach is based on the assumption that no other roof repairs are needed; this is often not the case, since a roof replacement is often preceded by roof carpentry work due to water penetration or other structural damage to the roof deck or its sub-structure.

Weakening of the deck or sub-structure can be caused by a number of factors, such as:

  • General aging
  • Water damage
  • Poor attic ventilation
  • Wind or storm damage
  • Improper initial installation
  • Negligence/lack of maintenance

When such damage occurs, it can and will affect the overall integrity of a roof, including its ability to withstand heavy loads, specifically the accumulated weight of ice and snow over the winter months.  As a result, failure to identify and remedy any structural issues could lead to catastrophic damage and significant roof structure repair costs.

However, in the absence of regular roof inspections, the existence and/or extent of this damage is often only revealed after the roofing material has been removed.  Some signs of structural impairment that could be revealed under these circumstances include:

  • Soft/spongy decking
  • Loose or rotted rafters
  • Warped/heaved surface
  • Black stains (mold/mildew)
  • Insect or termite infestation

All of the above can be rectified through the professional roof carpentry services offered by Avenue Road Roofing.  And unless they are resolved satisfactorily, that is, unless the decking and sub-structure is sound in all aspects, warranties from shingle manufacturers could be nullified as well.

The carpenters from Avenue Road Roofing are highly skilled in the completion of all roof structure repair work before any installation of new roofing materials.  Having served the roof repair needs of Toronto homeowners for more than 40 years, Avenue Road Roofing can be trusted to restore the integrity, function, and curb appeal of any residential roof.

Skilled Toronto Roofers Can Restore and Revive Unique Architectural Designs

Wood Works on a RooftopMany residences in the Greater Toronto Area display attractive architectural designs that entail natural wood finishes.  Regrettably, the beauty of these customized features can also be tarnished or degraded by the damaging effects of water and weather conditions.

Such circumstances will also necessitate the services of Toronto roofers with expert roof carpentry skills.  The Avenue Road Roofing carpenters offer the knowledge and the talent needed to restore the aesthetic character of these architectural designs, either through detailed repair work or outright replacement.

Some of the unique construction features that can be revived through the roof repair and carpentry services of Avenue Road Roofing include:

  • Tongue-and-groove soffits
  • Porch under-hangs and fascia
  • Dentil/ornamental trim moldings
  • Entryway frieze moldings/ceilings

If you require roof carpentry services to ensure the integrity of your roof or to restore aesthetic appeal to the architectural features of your home, call the expert carpenters from Avenue Road Roofing at 416-785-5129 to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.