Roof Care Tips Over the Winter

Winter Roof Care is an Important Aspect of Overall Home Maintenance

Roof Rake Removing Winter SnowWhen it comes to outdoor property maintenance over the winter months, homeowners cannot be faulted if they prefer to restrict such activities to clearing away snow and ice from their driveway and their front steps; and if the truth be told, many would choose to observe through a window as someone else tended to this responsibility on their behalf.

Unfortunately, caring for one’s home and property throughout the winter is not limited to what can be seen from ground level or by looking through a window from a warm home.  An aspect of property maintenance that should not be neglected or marginalized at this time of year is care of the roof, the area of the home that is perhaps the most exposed, and the most susceptible, to harsh weather conditions.

While it is highly recommended that the roof be prepared for winter by conducting a fall inspection, and any related repairs, along with a thorough cleaning of the eavestroughs, homeowners must also be vigilant to the potential for leaks and other types of damage during Southern Ontario’s coldest season.  Some of the steps that might/should be part of winter roof care would consist of:

  • Removing accumulated snow – by using a special-purpose roof rake
  • Cutting back overhanging tree branches – to avoid possible storm fallout
  • Inspecting attic insulation and ventilation – taking any appropriate actions
  • Keeping gutters clear of wind-blown debris – to prevent downspout blockage
  • Inspecting for and carefully removing ice dam formation (icicles are a sign)

Although winter roof care is an important part of overall home maintenance, any actions such as those noted above must be superseded by concern for homeowner safety.  It is highly discouraged to work from a ladder or walk about a roof in ice-or-snow conditions without the proper training and equipment.

Consequently, if homeowners have concerns, for example, with snow accumulation or ice dam formation on their roof, they should consider the services of a professional roofing contractor such as Avenue Road Roofing.  Trained specialists from Avenue Road Roofing will be able to remedy the matter, at an appropriate time and in a safe and appropriate manner, to help prevent/minimize any roof damage and avoid any inherent safety risks on the part of the homeowner.

The Knowledge and Expertise to Perform Winter Roof Repairs When Necessary

Measuring Attic Energy EfficiencyDespite a homeowner’s best intentions and efforts with respect to winter roof care, there may be circumstances in which roofs repairs or perhaps even a full roof replacement will be needed.  Contrary to some opinions, roof repairs can be completed during the winter season; in many cases, it may be sufficient to perform temporary roof repairs until such time as weather conditions improve and more permanent solutions can be implemented.

Homeowners can rely on the skills and experience of Avenue Road Roofing. The advantages of contracting a reputable and reliable roofing company like Avenue Road Roofing would include:

  • Prompt and accurate identification of the problem
  • The knowledge needed to recommend the best solution
  • Completion of the repairs with the proper skills/equipment
  • Staff trained to work on a roof in winter weather conditions
  • The experience to handle roofing materials in cold temperatures
  • General insurance coverage as well as liability insurance coverage

If you have concerns about potential or suspected issues with your roof this winter, call the roof repair professionals from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to book a service visit and obtain a no-obligation quote as soon as possible.