Top Ten Roofing Tips

Top Ten Roofing Tips From The Experts At Avenue Road Roofing

Avenue Road Roofing has 40 years of industry experience, and has completed over 45,000 installations. Whether you are installing a new roof, arranging for roof repairs or requiring maintenance services; it helps to have some expert advice to guide your decisions.

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Read these useful tips on how to make the most of your roofing investment:

1Check the contractor’s credentials: The first step is to make sure that your roofing contractor has the appropriate credentials. Determine how long the company has been in business. Request bank or supplier references to verify that you are dealing with a company that is financially stable. This is important when considering the long term reliability and validity of a contractor’s warranty. Be wary of contractors requiring substantial deposits as they may be operating on your money.

2Visit the contractor’s place of business. A picture may be worth a thousand words. You may gain greater confidence in whom you will be investing your money.

3Verify that the contractor has all required legal rudiments in place. This includes: valid insurance coverage, stating the products that the contractor is insured to provide, appropriate levels of coverage commensurate with your project values, and whether or not completed operations are covered.

4WSIB coverage is mandatory in the province of Ontario. Verify that the constructor is paid up and in good standing. This serves to protect the consumer from personal liability in the event a worker is injured on your property.

5Request recent references which speak to the quality of work a contractor is doing in present times.

6Look for manufacturer certifications. Manufacturers select proven contractors to represent their products based on a demonstrated history of competency, installation quality, and stability in business. Credentialed contractors are tested and must keep up with current standards and specifications. This may also reflect in the validity of a manufacturer’s warranty.

7Don’t choose a bid based on low price. It is seldom, if ever that the lowest price proves to be the best value. The costs of operating a legitimate business, paying taxes, and “playing by the rules” is similar for established and proven contractors. Materials and labour costs are generally similar in established industries.

Dramatic differences between contractor bids usually result from one or a combination of the following:

  • Inaccurate measuring or evaluation of the scope of work (error)
  • A difference in the actual work being provided (materials, methodology, etc.)
  • Not providing for a fair and reasonable profit on the project. (This is important to the sustainability of the company you may hire. The number one reason contractors go out of business is because they don’t charge the correct price to accurately cover their operating costs. This can translate into the customer being left stuck.

Always allow bidders the ability to explain their proposals. This will help to identify differences between bids. The consumer will generally then receive the best value for investment based on making an educated decision.

8Regular maintenance and repairs extend the life of your roof. One of the realities of roofing systems is that they require periodic inspection and maintenance just like a car to extend their usable lifecycle. Staying ahead of the curve translates into savings over time. Even small roof leaks can very quickly result in an expensive interior repair.

9Choose the best specifications and material options when making your construction investment. Quality selections contribute to lower life-cycle costs. The roof represents the fifth wall of your home or building.

10Increase the curb-appeal, and value of your property by selecting aesthetic finishes that complement the architecture of your home. When selling, inspectors can identify superior quality finishes which translates into greater appeal to prospective buyers. On many homes, the roof profile may account for up to a third of the home’s exterior appearance. Such enhancements as skylights and decks on flat roofs pay dividends by increasing light and demonstrating functional living space respectively.

Schedule a roof inspection before you sell your home. Potential home buyers want assurance that your roof is in good condition. Give them that assurance by having an inspection done by the roofing professionals at Avenue Road Roofing. We can diagnose and fix any problems, and provide an inspection report that will attest to the accurate condition of your roof.

Contact Avenue Road Roofing at 416-785-5129 today to request a free estimate for roof installation, repair or maintenance or inspection fill out our estimate form.

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