Slate Roof

Slate has been a historical roof covering for sloped roofs dating back to the 1800’s in the greater Toronto area.

Neighbourhoods such as Swansea Village, High Park, The Annex, Rosedale, Forest Hill, Wychwood Park, Cabbage Town, and Lawrence Park, have homes that are beautiful examples of this enduring, natural material. Many churches and government buildings throughout the city also have slate roofing.

Slates could be termed the one hundred year roof. As many slate roofs can last beyond with proper maintenance; the product is truly an eco-friendly choice as it is fully recyclable and does not off gas.

Slate roofing is a quarried material coming from many places throughout North America and beyond. Supplies for slate works in Eastern Canada most typically come from Newfoundland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Each area has its own distinct slate colour variations.

Slate not only looks good with traditional architecture, but it also blends well with modern designs. Slate restoration services are also an available option for budget conscious homeowners.

Over the past number of years, there has been a trend whereby many homeowners of these architecturally significant homes (which harken back to Victorian and Edwardian times); are investing to restore these properties with original types of materials.

ARR® is among a handful of roofing contractors in the Province of Ontario that do repairs or replacement of slate roofing. In fact; we maintain a supply of harvested original slates for the purpose of matching various slate styles when completing such repairs.

Slates are cut to various sizes and thicknesses, so ARR® works to source close matching materials for each repair or rehabilitation project.

Synthetic Slate

It is another option that has become increasingly popular due to its’ relatively favourable cost and warranted life of fifty years. These authentic looking materials are considerably lighter than natural slate and are less likely to develop algae or moss due to their chemical composition. Such products are made from recycled materials.

Choose the slating experts from AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® to install the roofing option that lasts beyond a lifetime.

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