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ARR® has installed various styles and varieties of siding on homes throughout the GTA since 1974.

Aluminum & Vinyl Siding, have been the most popular and economical choices for exterior cladding materials over the past four decades. Now, more than ever before; there are many different horizontal and vertical profiles available to choose from.

Replacing siding also provides the opportunity to inspect the wood substrate beneath your existing siding, and to install protective house wrap and thermal insulation. This can serve to decrease heating and cooling costs in addition to achieving a fresh and modern appearance to your home.

Consult the Aluminum Division of AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®. to arrange for your complimentary evaluation with one of our knowledgeable estimators.

Natural Wood & Synthetic Composite Siding, are popular options for restoring the original character of homes in the mature neighbourhoods of the GTA. Products such as Western Red Cedar siding, white pine clapboard, and various other vertical and horizontal profiles are installed by the Carpentry Division at AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®.

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Since 1974, AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® has represented a safe and reliable choice for discerning clients representing the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential sectors throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

We have served over fifty thousand clients and counting. We are very grateful to our extraordinary installation teams, vendor and safety partners, and customer service associates that do the heavy lifting on a daily basis, 365 days, year after year.

After more than four decades, AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® remains a stable business partner that people have come to depend on for almost every type of exterior renovation project. We are known for having completed some of the toughest projects in terms of access, and supplying artisanal results for specialty work on many of Toronto’s finest buildings, Churches, and homes.

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