Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks can be stressful and worrisome to homeowners. We understand that.

The good news is that AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® has the experts that can help solve your flat, shingle, slate, cedar, and gutter roof leak problems.

Our leak resolution process involves:

  1. Gaining information and the experiences of our clients concerning the situation at hand.
  2. Dispatching the correct service team or technician to investigate the source of the problem.
  3. If we can fix it on the spot we will. Such work is handled by our repair teams and is based on a fixed hourly charge plus setup. This model suits repairs that may be a few hours in duration.
  4. If the repair work involves a larger scope, the technician will provide a written estimate to the client, and prepare a written work strategy for the trade disciplines to complete the remedial work when you approve the work to proceed.
  5. Temporary Covering of the roof areas is a service we can provide to help mitigate interior damages until more permanent repairs can be completed or to allow proper weather conditions to enable the repair work.
  6. If a repair attempt does not immediately solve the issue, we will return to help and provide a further strategy /solution to fix the problem. This can involve additional charges for the additional work but we often provide some form of credit depending on the nature of the initial service provided.
  7. Large scope repairs are usually inspected and specified by a member of our estimating team that lives in or services your area.
  8. If repairs are not the best use of your investment, we will tell you the truth.

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Why choose ARR®?

See why AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® has been the safe and reliable choice for over 50,000 clients since 1974:

  • Reputation for Quality Workmanship & Dependable Warranty
  • In business since 1974 (over 47 years)
  • Financially stable business
  • Permanent business location with on-site office, warehouse, and sheet metal facility
  • Quality People-trained and customer-centric
  • Experienced in multi-disciplines within the roofing industry
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded
  • WSIB
  • Established Health & Safety Culture and Policies
  • 35+ service vehicles in force
  • Serving the entire GTA
  • Manufacturer Certified Installers
  • Dedicated Service /Warranty Department
  • Experienced & trained estimating staff
  • No high-pressure sales
  • Financing and payment options to suit your financial comfort
  • Highly referenced
  • Warranties that can be depended on and are transferrable
  • Year Round Service
  • One-stop Exterior Remodeling Services
  • Quality Materials & Products
  • Serving Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Residential
  • Equal opportunity employer providing skills training and apprenticeship

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Our difference

Since 1974, AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® has represented a safe and reliable choice for discerning clients representing the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential sectors throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

We have served over fifty thousand clients and counting. We are very grateful to our extraordinary installation teams, vendor and safety partners, and customer service associates that do the heavy lifting on a daily basis, 365 days, year after year.

After more than four decades, AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® remains a stable business partner that people have come to depend on for almost every type of exterior renovation project. We are known for having completed some of the toughest projects in terms of access, and supplying artisanal results for specialty work on many of Toronto’s finest buildings, Churches, and homes.

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